Using Acrobat for Summarizing Notes

Many textbooks, study guides and other teaching materials are available as PDF files for easy online distribution, searching and viewing. Students can not only view this content on their computers, but also mark up text they read online (or offline) using Acrobat’s “Highlighting” tool, available on the Commenting toolbar (Tools > Commenting > Show Commenting Toolbar is one way to find and open the toolbar).

Then using their mouse – or better yet, pen on a Tablet PC – highlight text in the color of their choice, just as they would do in the paper world. When saving the PDF, their highlights are preserved in the file for future study and reference.
Additionally, students can use the “Summarize Comments” feature in Acrobat to generate a new PDF of just the text that was highlighted: instant electronic study notes! To use this feature:
1. With the highlighted PDF open, choose the Comments > Summarize Comments… menu command.
2. In the Summarize Comments dialog box, make sure “Comments only” is selected. Click OK after reviewing the other options.
A new PDF will be generated with the highlighted text listed page-by-page.
Watch out though! Before using this capability, users must switch on a preference. Open the Acrobat Commenting preferences (Edit > Preferences on Windows or Acrobat > Preferences on Mac OS X), select the Commenting pane, and select “Copy selected text into Highlight, Cross-out, and Underline comment pop-ups.”
Happy Highlighting!