Auto-Resizing Text in PDF Forms from LiveCycle Designer 7

Many, if not most, schools and campuses have converted their forms to PDF to share online. Some of those have made them fillable at some point using the Forms Tools in Acrobat Professional. With Acrobat 7.0 Professional, Adobe introduced LiveCycle Designer to Windows Acrobat users for building powerful electronic forms based on a new XML architecture.
One feature of the older Acrobat forms that proved valuable was that multi-line text fields could automatically resize the font so the text entered would fit in the field. All one had to do was select ‘Auto’ for the font size property of the text field. Designer has no ‘Auto’ setting exactly, but here’s how you can get it to work…

1. Select the text field(s), and open the Font palette (Window > Font).
2. From the palette menu, select “Edit Value”, so that the palette displays ‘Currently editing Value properties…’. This won’t work if you’re also editing the fields caption.
3. Enter a value of ‘0’ (zero) for the font size.
This will tell Acrobat or Reader to shrink the size of the text of the field as text is entered, instead of showing scroll bars.
Don’t forget to check the other Font and Paragraph properties for your field(s). And use that PDF Preview tab to test things out before saving your changes.
Just another reason for educators to move onto LiveCycle Designer 7 for their schools electronic forms!

One Response to Auto-Resizing Text in PDF Forms from LiveCycle Designer 7

  1. tom hale says:

    Nice post here. In schools, the ability to go cross platform is key.