Tracker: More Than Meets The Eye

Acrobat 7.0’s Tracker tool (Comments > Tracker… Is one way to get to it) is primarily used for keeping an eye on review cycles you’ve initiated or are participating in, whether it was sent by email or uploaded for a browser-based review session. However, it also has another purpose: it’s an RSS or Atom news feed reader.

“So what? I have one of those.” you may ask. Well, to add the feed to Tracker, click the Services button on the Tracker toolbar and choose “Subscribe…”. Enter the URL for the RSS or Atom feed and Tracker will add it as a new entry in the left pane.
As well as aggregating a feed, you can right-click on the feed entry on the right side of Tracker and select “Convert to PDF”. Acrobat will generate a new PDF that lists the entries from the feed. You can then use this like any other PDF: view it offline in a classroom, keep it as an archive, combine it with other PDF documents and pages, and share it with others online.
So now you can read this blog on Acrobat in Acrobat anytime you like!

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