Acrobat 8 for Mac is a Universal Binary

I have had a few Intel Mac users in academia ask me this week if Acrobat 8.0 for Mac OS X is a Universal Binary application. The answer is “YES!”

That is, it will run natively on Macs with Intel chips and those that have PowerPC processors. Rosetta is a translator that allows Mac software applications that were built for PowerPC processors to run on Mac OS X for Intel-based machines, albeit with a performance hit. For example, Acrobat 6.0 or 7.0 will run on Rosetta as they shipped before Apple started making available Intel-based Macs.

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  1. Rosyna says:

    Correction, Rosetta is a translator, not an emulator. This means it may not implement things exactly as they are on the PowerPC. Especially wrt floats. Which is often why you see a page of 8 inches become 7.999999999999995836 inches when running under Rosetta due to the inherent lameness in x87.
    ALI’S REPLY: Thanks for the comment and the clarification. Entry has been changed.

  2. Andy King says:

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  3. Karyn says:

    I’ve been trying to resolve an issue with my new MacBook Pro and Acrobat 7. When I run apps under Rosetta (like CS2) and try to print to a PDF printer I can access within my Print Dialog box the AdobePDF options so I can switch to a different set of job options. But when I am running a Universal Binary program (such as Mellel) I can print using the PDF printer, but I can’t change the options. I’ve hypothesized that the programs running under Rosetta work pretty much as they did on my old PowerBook, but the new programs can’t access all the features of the Acrobat/Distiller programs that are running under Rosetta.
    Since CS3 is still in the future (and CS3-Middle East is probably even further in the future), I am very interested about your comments about Acrobat 8 being able to run natively on the intel machines. Do you think if I upgrade now to Acrobat 8 it will solve my problems?
    FROM ALI: Yes, it may will do so. Acrobat 8 is also Universal Binary and so will run natively on Intel Macs and provide the consistent functionality that you expect.