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Distributing Adobe Reader on campus

Many schools and universities have one-to-one initiatives in place that provide preconfigured laptops to students. And I’m sure nearly all of you in IT who read this look after a standard image for your institutional computers. Either way, I’m willing to bet my last box of instant Mac-and-Cheese that the free Adobe Reader is a standard part of those builds that you have.

You’re free to distribute the Adobe Reader in this fashion – that is, deploy it yourselves without redirecting everyone to Adobe’s website. However, you should read and agree to the Adobe Reader Distribution Agreement. This is a one-time step intended for institutions that need to deploy out many copies of the free Reader. You can also use this if you want to make the latest Reader installer available within the secure confines of your intranet.

From these pages you’ll also find links to the icons to "Get Adobe Reader" or "Includes Adobe Reader". Neat!

BTW, there is a similar agreement for the Flash Player and Shockwave Player available here: