Acrobat Video Tutorials

Just a quick note to point out a great Acrobat resource I just found. Steve Adler (Adobe Education Leader Extraordinaire) offers a series of well-done video tutorials for Acrobat. He calls them, AcroCasts. Check them out at:

2 Responses to Acrobat Video Tutorials

  1. Ali Hanyaloglu says:

    And don’t forget that you can also find lots of short Acrobat Video Tutorials here (copy and paste this one!):

  2. Aleks says:

    I’ve got a questionnaire in Adobe **[as a PDF]** , but I can’t fill it out on my computer. Tell me how I can insert my answers in the Adobe questionnaire.
    **[After looking at the file, I see that it has no fields built into it, and that the Typewriter tool has not been enabled for Reader users.
    Watch this blog for your options, plus I’ll offer suggestion for those creating forms to make it easier for you next time]**