Acrobat is alive and thriving in education!

Hello Everyone. I would like to welcome you back to the “grand re-opening” of the Acrobat in Education Blog.  I now have the privilege of hosting this blog and am looking forward to sharing my experiences and thoughts here at Prior to joining the team here at Adobe, I worked in education for many years and at many different levels to integrate technology across the educational landscape. Acrobat is my favorite application and I hope that you will find it indispensable as you become better acquainted with all that it offers.

With many schools looking for ways to improve communication and collaboration in a variety of environments, more are discovering Acrobat’s unique offerings. Acrobat is one of the most misunderstood applications primarily because it can do so much.  Since many applications are designed to do one thing really well, it is rare to find an application that is so versatile.

In the past year Acrobat use in education has grown tremendously, particularly with respect to the creation and development of e-Portfolios for both students and faculty. While there will be much more on this topic in the coming months, I wanted to start out by pointing you to some great resources for learning more about e-Portfolio trends and how Acrobat 9 makes it easy to create and maintain all sorts of collections in an intuitive interface called the PDF portfolio.And now for some links:

There are some great papers from Educause on portfolio trends. One that is very informative on Accessing trends in ePortfolio Adoption is written by Michael Reese and Ron Levy at Johns Hopkins University.

A white paper by Alan Foley at Syracuse University on using ePortfolios to demonstrate growth and assess learning is also very useful.

A recent customer success story on the use of Acrobat 9 for portfolio development at the California State University at Monterey Bay is located here. has a great compilation of all things Acrobat. Here is the link to portfolio tutorials, video, and articles.

Sample PDF portfolios from Adobe using Acrobat 9 can be downloaded here.

Lastly, Adobe has joined a new international organization that seeks to focus discussions on experiential learning and assessment through the use of portfolios. Check out their site and get involved.

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