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Testing. . .testing. . . “Is this thing on?”

Hello? Is there anyone out there? Crackle, hum, buzz.
Um, ahem. Welcome to Acrobat in Education v3. v2, it turns out was plagued with inactivity and ennui. v3 should be better, because it’s more a part of my job as I describe it now. For those who checked occasionally, thanks! You will be rewarded. Those who gave up, come on back! Heck, I’ll even start by announcing a couple of things:
We have an event scheduled tomorrow to cover Collaboration in Acrobat with PDF. Register at:

New Admin/Contributor

Hey all. Ali Hanyaloglu has moved to another position at Adobe to help promote Acrobat across the globe in all verticals. This has given me the opportunity to step into his shoes (big ones to be sure!) and take the reigns at the Acrobat in Education blog. Look for new content (including some Video Bogs!).
My goal is to use this as a way to answer your How-to questions. So feel free to post the or send them to me directly at

Acrobat 8 for Mac is a Universal Binary

I have had a few Intel Mac users in academia ask me this week if Acrobat 8.0 for Mac OS X is a Universal Binary application. The answer is “YES!”

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Acrobat 8.0 Announced!

Adobe has announced the all new Acrobat 8.0 family of products. There is A LOT in this release that those in the academic community will find useful, so keep an eye on this blog for my thoughts and ideas on how you can use those features effectively.

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