This is Pulkit Jain, Lead Quality Engineer in the Adobe Acrobat team.

Welcome to my blog “Acrobat Made Simple”.

Here I will try to post tutorials, HowTos, best practices and news related to Adobe Acrobat solutions. If you have a wish list then please post it as comments to this blog. Me and my team will surely be there to help you.

Keep tuned in.

2 Responses to Howdy!!!

  1. Steve Mackie says:

    I am trying to adjust security settings for a page made on a different shape monitor. My desk top is a 4:3 and the laptop is widescreen. The problem I have is; when I try to adjust the security levels for a document made on the desktop, I cannot get to the Apply button as it is hidden behind the windows desktop task bar. As there is no scroll option or re-size option it is not possible to edit the document on the move. Can you help?

    • Pulkit Jain says:

      Hi Steve

      Which version of Acrobat are you using on both your desktop and laptop? And what is the make of your laptop. As far as what I have understood from your description, you are facing a problem with a particular dialog. Dialog display is resolution dependent. Recommended resolution is 1024X768. The resolution of your laptop maybe below it. Can you please check?