Customizing Toolbars in Acrobat X

Yesterday, I received a note via email from a consultant who asked:

Why did Adobe eliminate the Previous Page and Next Page buttons from Acrobat X?

Acrobat X (and earlier versions) only display a default set of page navigation tools:

Default navigation toolbar in Acrobat X

Adding in other Tools

It’s easy to add in all of Acrobat’s page navigation tools and— once you do— they stay that way.

Here’s how:

  1. Right-click on the Page Navigation section of the toolbar
  2. Choose the Page Navigation menu item
  3. Choose Show All Page Navigation Tools

Customizing the page navigation tools in Acrobat

Here’s the result after making this change:

Acrobat Toolbar after adding in page navigatio tools

Try Customizing other Toolbars

Try right-clicking on the toolbar and exploring other options to add to the main toolbar.

Here are the ones I normally add:

  • Select & Zoom> Marquee Zoom Tool
  • Edit> Take Snapshot
  • Edit> Advanced Search
  • Page Display> Single Page View

224 Responses to Customizing Toolbars in Acrobat X

  1. Great post for a frequently-asked question.

    It’s bothersome to me though that in the dropdown menu where you’d choose tools, Acrobat doesn’t show checkmarks next to the tools that are currently showing, or dim them, or provide any other sort of visual feedback. So it’s not clear, for example, that when a tool has been added to the toolbar, right-clicking and selecting that tool again from the dropdown menu will remove it from the toolbar but leave the other ones you added alone. Many people just choose Reset Toolbars and begin again from scratch.

    I would also like to see an actual Find field added to the toolbar when you choose the Edit > Find tool to customize the toolbar, rather than the magnifying glass icon — which I associate with the Zoom tool, not Find.

    One thing I do love in Acrobat X is how you can drag/drop tools from the Tools panel right to the QuickTools toolbar. The first one I added was the Typewriter Tool oh sorry I mean the Add/Edit Text Tool. 😀

    —– Rick’s Reply —-

  2. Alan Walton says:

    Why can’t I put the ‘Take a Snapshot’ tool onto the toolbar. I updated to Acrobat X with Windows Vista and now I can only use the Snapshot tool via the Edit menu.
    —- Rick’s Reply—
    Right-click anywhere in the lowest toolbar (has the page navigation tools). Select Edit>Take Snapshot

  3. Royden says:

    I understand I can select the toolbar buttons that I need but how about rearranging them? I don’t need 2 rows of toolbar. I only need 1 row so that I have more viewing space for my document. How do I do it?
    —- Rick —
    Sorry, not possible.

    • Kent says:

      I want to ditto my frustration that I’m forced to waste 2 rows for tools when I only need 1.

      • Rick Borstein says:

        I hear you. I’ve provided this feedback to our UX team. I think the reason has to do with screen dimensions. On a 1024 X 768 monitor, which is the smallest screen size we support, there wouldn’t be enough room to have any of the Quick Tools. Still, I like how Microsoft has solved this problem with the Ribbon interface. You can simply double-click on a Ribbon group and it collapses and stays collapsed.

  4. JIM says:

    I can’t get the TAKE SNAPSHOT icon to appear on the toolbar.
    —- Rick’s Reply —-
    Right-click anywhere in the lowest toolbar (has the page navigation tools). Select Edit>Take Snapshot

    • JB says:

      Right clicking the lowest tool bar that has the navigation does not work, where is the old style snap shoot icon that can be added to the tool bar?

  5. John says:

    Can you do an upated post on converting Depo transcripts into pdf while maintaining pagination? The old article is not compatible with Adobe X.
    —- Rick’s Reply—–
    The process is the same. Just choose File>Create PDF from Web Page, then click the Settings button and change as the article indicates.

    • John says:

      Hmm. When I do that, the pagination is still screwy. Any tips?

      Also, when I try to sanitize PDFA1-b documents, it says it cannot be sanitized because of errors during the sanitation process. What am I doing wrong?

      • John says:

        I hate to be annoying and write yet another comment, but every time I have tried to save an existing pdf as a pdf/a (through printing or save as) it fails. When I try to do it through pre-flight, it says “Unable to save the PDF File after post processing.” Additionally, creating a pdf/a file from the native has been resulting in a very large file size, which is a problem because I cannot optimize pdf/as. What am I doing wrong? Any tips?

        Thanks for any help you can provide.

        • Rick Borstein says:

          Sounds like you are using a font that has a do not embed flag. Use Preflight to determine what is causing the document to fail. Could also be a corrupt font.

      • Rick Borstein says:

        We currently have a bug with Sanitize on this issue which will be fixed in a future dot release.

  6. Donald says:

    I want to put the tools First Page and Last Page on the toolbar, but in Page Navigation there are no checkmarks or room for them beside any option and there is no option, “Show All Page Navigation Tools”. I am using Reader 10.0.1.
    —- Rick’s Reply—-
    They are there in Reader X. You need to right-click on the page navigation toolbar to change the setting, not the View menu.

  7. Dieter Smedts says:

    Why can’t the toolbars be re-organized/moved anymore?
    E.g. placing the page navigation toolbar at the bottom of the screen (like in earlier versions).
    —- Rick’s Reply—-
    Short answer . . . because there really aren’t toolbars anymore. I have heard from a handful of customers that like to have page nav at the bottom of the screen.

  8. JKVC says:

    recent update- 4/22/11- undid all my selected tools, and now i cannot get any to show other than the default set. WTF?

  9. Gary says:

    the rotate buttons used to be on the toolbar. can I get them there again?
    —- Rick’s Reply—
    The rotate tool is still on the toolbar in Acrobat X.

    • Beth says:

      I just received a new computer and I can’t figure out how to get the rotate button back that allows you to just click and and it rotates once. Now I have the button that brings up the rotate screen (an extra step). Does anyone know what I am talking about?

      • Rick Borstein says:

        Do you want to rotate the view or the page? If you only want to rotate the view (which doesn’t actually change the file), it is easy. Right-click on the second row of tools (the common tools), then choose Rotate View> Show all Rotate View Tools

  10. Greg says:

    Can I remove the “Comment” and “Share” tools from the toolbar? They’re not as necessary as almost any other tool.

    • Rick Borstein says:

      No, you cannot remove those panels.

      • Greg says:

        Now you’ve compounded the problem with the addition of the “Sign” tool. Along with the “View file in Read Mode” tool, the “Tools,” “Sign,” and “Comment” tools are rarely used by me and anyone I’ve asked. These items are all available under the View menu and removing them from the toolbar would release valuable toolbar space. Even more frustrating, when the window width is reduced these undesirable items are retained, and desirable toolbar items are relegated to a drop-down menu. If someone finds them useful they could still decide to display them on the toolbar. Alternatively, less voluminous icons would be a first concession. Why has the selectivity of the items mentioned above not been permitted? Your software designers SERIOUSLY need a course in user interface guidelines.

        • Rick Borstein says:

          When designing the User Experience, we wanted to take into account that most users are using widescreen monitors. When you narrow the window width, having icons slip into third and fourth rows as it did previously obscured the document itself. I’d suggest removing the icons you don’t use from the toolbar (right-click on the toolbar then explore the different areas to see what you do and don’t like). On my widescreen monitor, I can very comfortably see two documents at a time with all the icons I want. My monitor resolution is 1680 X 1050.

          • MrP says:

            I’m not using a widescreen monitor, I’m using three 4:3 monitors. Many people still do, and I’d guess it is a significant number of people. More importantly, I prefer to have my pdf windows taking much less than the width of my monitor, and I’m frustrated by 3 rarely/never used buttons taking up half of the toolbar where useful buttons are. Consider this in your User Experience – many users will be referring to the information in the pdf document while actually working on another document. In that case, the pdf is not the primary document and needs to be usable in a smaller format.

          • Rick Borstein says:

            Most people do not use 4:3 monitors anymore. You are an exception and don’t know it. See:

          • Jeremy Smith says:

            When designing a user experience you should you should make it one that does not make the user want to find the programmers and beat them to death. No one useless the “tools” “sign” “comment” garbage buttons on the toolbar they just waste space (kind of like your programmers). I should not have to hack the program to get something that is not aggravating to use. Every version make me use Foxit reader a little more.

          • Rick Borstein says:

            So, when the program opens it should magically know what you want? The reason the toolbars are there is that we measure which tools people use and put the most frequently used tools at the top. I’m not indicting how you use the tool, but that doesn’t mean your use case is the same as everyone else’s. From a purely selfish standpoint, we spend millions of dollars on Adobe Reader and it is free. There are buttons there that help us monetize the product so we can keep it free.

          • Colin says:

            My laptop monitor resolution is 1280 x 800, and I have to have other apps open and viewable in order to work efficiently without switching backwards and forwards between apps, trying to remember what was on each one. Therefore I cannot run RDRX in full screen.

            I also have to zoom in and out A LOT on PDF documents to see detail, rotate drawings, go backwards and forwards through documents etc.

            Having the “Sign”, “Comment” and “View file in Read Mode”, ALL of which are rarely (if ever – NEVER by me) used compared to the zoom, navigate, and search functions I need to use many times a minute, locked in place, is, as Greg said, really, REALLY poor.

            Please do not try to excuse this as a “designed” UX – this is nothing more than promoting a “feature” Adobe like, at the expense of *actual* UX.

          • Rick Borstein says:

            Just add the tools you need to the Quick Tools bar so you never have to open the panels.

        • Rina says:

          Just out of curiousity did you come up with the statement “most users are using widescreen monitors” quantitatively or qualitatively?

        • romy seth says:

          I have to agree with greg. this new design is absolutely awful. i think i’ll have to switch to foxit as well. theres no need for share tool and i should have the ability to remove the ones i dont want on the toolbar — UI101!

          • Rick Borstein says:

            As I’ve said repeatedly, you can remove almost every icon from our toolbar. Right-click on the Toolbar and choose the Category (e.g. File) then mouse over an uncheck the ones you don’t want. Unfortunately, you just can’t right-click on a any button other than a quick tool to remove it directly.

      • Rich says:

        I’m using a 3.5″ screen as a pilot in an airplane (where else?). The Tools-Sign-Comment icons are REALLY in the way of what I need! We need them selectable!

        • Rick Borstein says:

          We did not design the product to operate on screens that small. On that size screen, you should use something like the mobile Reader which is designed for small screens.

          • Rob says:

            Your logic is unbelievably flawed, narrow minded, and completely removed from how people actually use the program.

            I am using a wide screen – but often have 2-3 documents open side by side, or a pdf open with my web browser. I would hazard a guess that the MAJORITY of people use it this way. Do you have statistics to say how many people actually use adobe reader and have it take up even half the monitor space? A quick survey would help you realise how far off the mark you guys are. Quoting off statistics for how many people have a certain monitor size says nothing about how users use that monitor space to do what they need.

            This “update” is in fact, a downgrade.

          • Rick Borstein says:

            I understand where you are coming from and we do understand that people do use multiple windows side by side. I am like you and I often open multiple windows in Acrobat. I use the OS controls to manage the windows (Win 7’s Win-Right or left arrow is great) and use quick tools so I don’t have to open panels. My four year old monitor has a resolution of 1680 X 1050.

  11. Chris says:

    How do you access Tools / Comment / Share on the right handside of Adobe X using keyboard shortcuts.
    Previous versions allowed you to access these by pressing Alt and flicking across as they were next to File, Edit, View etc.
    A keyboard shortcut to Quick Tools would be just as helpful

  12. Rob says:

    The previous versions had the Save As on the Quick Tool toolbar… How do I get add that to the current X version?

    • Rick Borstein says:

      That isn’t available in Acrobat X, sorry. We have it on our feature wishlist.

      • Jack says:

        Looking forward to have Save As in Quick Tool toolbar. Should be a relatively easy change in the program, but is a very useful feature, if not essential feature, for users like myself.

  13. Pnina says:

    Can I add the drawing markups to the toolbar?

  14. Perry says:

    One thing is very clear from the posts above and my first experience with Acrobat X. It is not user-friendly. A handful of people design the upgrade to their needs and the rest of the world has to learn the new (but not necessarily better) way before we can get on with our tasks. Ever hear “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.”? How about “KISS – Keep It Simple Stupid.” Everyone’s trying to build a better mousetrap and so far, few if any catch more mice. I used to have my snapshot tool in hand. Now I have to go get my toolbox first.

    Here’s a radical thought. What if Acrobat had a button in the view menu called “tools” where every available tool shows up in one drop-down menu. Then the user selects/deselects the desired tools for his or her toolbar, clicks okay, and sees only those icons on the toolbar, with the option for click-and-drag rearranging. And, have those settings remain in place even after a software upgrade. What’s wrong with that? Too simple? I for one don’t need your interface designers’ cleverness getting in my way. I’m busy and I don’t need excess baggage weighing me down.

    As fantastic as computers are, everyone I know howls with frustration from software upgrades of one type or another. From Microsoft Office to Google Instant to Acrobat X, you’ve all done a fantastic job of keeping yourselves employed by keeping us guessing. I would need three lifetimes just to learn all the features of my security software alone. Only problem is, once I learn it I’ll need three more lifetimes to learn the upgrade
    —- Rick’s Reply —
    Acrobat X has a very different interface and getting adjusted to it can take some time. You can click the Gear in the QuickTools bar to see every tool that is available in the program. Add what you want to the QuickTools bar, then you won’t have to open the panels on the right. That said, the overwhelming majority of folks who I have interfaced with really like the interface in Acrobat X. If you are an occasional user of the product (which is the most typical usage, by the way), the new interface makes discovering the tools you need a lot easier.

  15. Amy Stewart says:

    Rick, how do you add drawing markups to the toolbar? I can’t see any way to do it. I specifically want to add the pencil tool to the toolbar at the top of the screen, for easy access.

  16. Amy Stewart says:

    Rick, how do you add drawing markups to the toolbar? I can’t see any way to do it. I specifically want to add the pencil tool to the toolbar at the top of the screen, for easy access.

  17. Vince says:

    Can I add the “Rotate Pages” feature to the toolbar?

  18. Alberto R. Estrada Acosta says:

    Where is the Marquee Selection Tool in the new Acrobat X?

    • Rick Borstein says:

      I think you mean the Marquee Zoom Tool. It’s not on by default. Right-click on the toolbar and choose Select and Zoo> Marquee Zoom to enable it.

  19. Brian says:

    Interfaces change, but my biggest beef is that everytime I use typewriter (or whatever it’s called now) the typewriter toolbar window opens, but it doesn’t let me set it to dock on the toolbar – so I have this thing floating around my desktop being a pain in the butt. Is there something I’m missing here?

  20. Toni says:

    I hid the File, Edit, View, Help task bar. How do I get it back?

  21. Wes Hayley says:

    I’ve tried over and over to get these tools to stick up at the top. But every time I open up another Adobe X document the tools aren’t up there. I have to go through and choose them one by one all over again. Is there a way to make them stick up there permanently. This article says it should stay on their own but it just doesn’t. This is the only computer I’ve had problems like this. Windows 7

    • Rick Borstein says:

      I’m not sure why they are not sticking for you. That is the behavior for me. It could be that your IT group has locked down the Preference section of Acrobat which might prevent it. You might try re-installing.

  22. Alan Sutton says:

    I understand that I can customize the tool bars with what ever tools I use or want there. The problem is that I cannot get them to stay. Once I close Acrobat Pro X and restart it they disappear. Is there something I need to do?

    • Rick Borstein says:

      If you set up your toolbars the way you want _before_ opening a document, then quit, they should stay the way you want.

      • Eileen Dooley says:

        There seems to be pattern with the tools not staying cause we have several users in our office that are experiencing the same issue. We have tried re-installing but it did not help. The IT dept has not locked down anything to do with Preferences/Tools. Is Adobe planning on addressing this issue?

        • Rick Borstein says:

          Is this for all of your users or only some?

          • Kathryn says:

            Users will need to go into Edit / Preferences / Documents and make sure that “Restore last view settings when reopening documents” (first option under ‘Open Settings’) is checked. Then, any quick tools that have been added should remain on the toolbars when you open a new .pdf.

  23. Eric says:

    How do I get the pencil tool. It doesn’t show that I have one and I dont have the gear icon.

  24. I scan files into Acrobat X all day at work, and I would like to make this: File > Create > PDF from Scanner > Grayscale document into either one keystroke, or a button on the main toolbar… how would I go about that!??

  25. Teresa says:

    Can the zoom tools be added to the Quick Tools?
    Also, can the Tools and Comment bar be removed (under the Quick Tools)?

    • Rick Borstein says:

      No, but you can add the Zoom tool the toolbar below. Right-click on the toolbar below the Quick Tools area and choose Select & Zoom> Marquee Zoom

  26. Richard Thomas says:

    I have a deposition transcript document, and I do not have the option of an advanced search using boolean connectors and proximity parameters. The “Find” menu does not provide that advanced search feature. Neither is there a toolbar that provides that option. When I try to customize the tool bar to add that function, the document does not have a page number for me to right click between. I need to be able to conduct boolean and proximity searches of this document, as well as other Adobe pdf documents. Can you help?

    • Rick Borstein says:

      Acrobat doesn’t support many of the search options you mentioned. You can try Advanced Search (Edit Menu) which offers hit highlighting and word stemming.

  27. Eric says:

    Very helpful info here, but I tried following the directions in the main post steb by step and “show all page navigation tools{” is not an option. I did double check on another document and the tools are there, but it seems to be very hit and miss. Is this something beyond my control, as in, the document author can create/save it in such a way that I can’t get the toolbar to work. I hate the floating toolbar.

    • Rick Borstein says:

      Individual PDFs can open in full screen mode and it sounds like you got a document sent to you with that option set. To change it, open the document, hit ESC, then choose File>Properties and go to the Initial View tab. Deselect open in full screen. If, instead, you are talking about opening PDFs in the browser, go to File>Preferences and choose the Internet section. Deselect Display in Read Mode by Default.

  28. chris says:

    I am wondering whether there is a possible way to merge the TWO rows of tools into ONE, therefore, I have more space for reading? why do we need to two rows of tools?

    • Rick Borstein says:

      Just use Reading Mode which gets rid of both rows of tools. Or, hit F8 to toggle the toolbars or F9 to toggle the menus.

  29. Mumtaz says:

    Hi – I want all my tools to show…right now I only see two rows in the toolbar, the rest are all as drop down – can I have more than two rows?

    • Rick Borstein says:

      If you are talking about the Quick Toolbar– where you can add the tools you want to the top– no. I think there are diminishing returns when you get over a dozen or so tools up there anyway.

  30. Dave says:

    I am having an issue with everytime I open Adobe X, I get 4 toolbars that are floating (Select & Zoom toolbar, File toolbar, Comment & Markup toolbar and Properties toolbar). How can I remove the floating toolbars?

    • Rick Borstein says:

      That definitely should not be happening, in fact I don’t even know of a way to float those toolbars, I would recommend re-installing Acrobat.

      • Josh Orvis says:

        I found that in my case, added the “Stamp” Button the the Quick Toolbar adds all of these floating boxes at startup. After removal of the “stamp” button, all except the properties box when away.

  31. Luke says:

    Same frustration of other users above.
    Just want to have the “properties bar” locked in the toolbar on top of the window, as it always been easily possible so far. It seems it can be kept floating around. Any suggestions?

  32. Ken Sobel says:

    I can’t find the search tool, either on the toolbars or in any of the lists of tools, such as when you hit the gear. Who stole my binoculars and how can I get them back?

    • Rick Borstein says:

      Right-click in the bottom toolbar and choose Navigation. Find is there and will be added to the toolbar.

  33. James says:

    Is there a way to have the Properties tool bar permanently attached to the toolbars on top? This was a feature in the older versions of Adobe, but I cannot find how this could be done in Adobe X. It’s quite annoying to have to go through 4 steps every time I want to change a font or color in markups I do on a daily basis in this program. Seems that being able to customize the toolbars to user preference would have been one of the top items on the list during the re-design.

    • Rick Borstein says:

      Unfortunately, that isn’t possible. Once you leave the properties bar open, though, it will stay open.

      • Brian says:

        Absolutely absurd, Adobe! To comment on .pdf documents, I want to use Adobe Acrobat. To have Adobe presume that I always want my comment boxes and text in red is fine, but to make me hunt down a floating toolbar and deny me the ability to customize my expensive software as I was able to do in prior versions is annoying.

        How about we listen to users rather than software engineers or the trainers. Customization is not a bad thing. Please give us back this feature!

        • Rick Borstein says:

          I get that you can’t dock the Properties bar, but all of the you certainly can change the properties of all items and set new defaults for them. If you want blue text and a squiggly outline, you can have that all the time.

          • Christy says:

            I have been trying to figure out this samething as to why the properties bar cannot be pinned in the toolbar at the top. I use Adobe everyday, all day, and I’m having so much difficulty with this product now that my computer has been updated. Having to figure out where the properties bar is all the time on my screen since it’s floating has been very time consuming. I assumed it would be similar to the one prior to Acrobat X but a lot of the good features have been taken away. Is this in the works to be fixed? It seems as if a lot of users would like to see this feature come back.

          • Rick Borstein says:

            Yes, I think the engineers missed this one. We are working on a better way to do this in the future.

  34. Scott says:

    I agree, the Save As option is a necessity…

    Also what happened to the merge open files including the one you have currently selected? Our system opens PDF’s with the same designation so starting without having the current file selected is rather annoying!

    • Rick Borstein says:

      Save As would be nice, I agree. The merge functionality is based on user requests to add the currently open file.

  35. Suzanne says:

    Suggestion for the next version: make it possible to have a floating redaction toolbar. I want all the screen real estate possible so that I can see more of the document, and I only want to use the “redact” tool, again and again. The double-row toolbar is a waste of space, and hiding and unhiding the toolbar for each redaction is a waste of keystrokes.

    • Rick Borstein says:

      Why not right-click on the Mark for Redaction tool and choose Keep Tool Selected? Then, you can close the panel.

  36. Luke says:

    Mr. Bornstein answers are very appreciated, but more I use Adobe X, more I’ve got the feeling the update is a big fail. It’s more complex, frustrating and less user-friendly then any of the previous versions. For my daily work, mainly commenting mixed graphic/text large size architectural documents, I need in average two to three times more clicks for every single action then I did before.
    Hope Adobe team will release an Adobe “Y” as soon as possible!!!

  37. Robin says:

    What I would improve on Adobe Acrobat X

    The ability to move the page navigation toolbar to the bottom of the screen (or anywhere else I want it)

    The ability to arrange the menu icons to where I want them, not where Adobe has decided they should be permanently placed. (i.e. not in the top row – the ability to sort them is there, but that’s not what I want).

    Having the same toolbars/menu icons appear when I have a form open (I think this relates to the disappearing commands others have mentioned above) – if you are editing a form, certain items disappear and the form must be saved, closed, and reopened. (At least I have not found another way.)

    Having the Rotate button on the toolbar function the same as the Rotate button the Tool menu. When the Rotate buttons are added to the toolbar, they do not function in the same manner as using the rotate buttons/commands from the Tools menu on the right.. One is not asked if it applies to all pages (it only rotates the page you are on), and the rotation is not saved when the document is closed (and it does not ask you to save changes).

    Make it so the floating toolbars that pop up can be added to the toolbar and/or more easily accessible. I had one pop up so high on the screen it was very difficult to close and it took some maneuvering to get to the top bar in order to drag it down and close it.

    As I continue to work with the upgrade I am sure there will be more, but those are the most obvious.

  38. Aaron says:

    I would like to re-locate the page navigation box(the go to page # box) from the top of the page to the bottom of my document. I was able to do this on a previous version but not Arcobat X Pro. I can not find any way to do that. Can you help?

  39. Angie says:

    Not getting this Adobe 10. Previous versions were set up on the Snapshot tool to print the selected snapshot and printed a good quality. Where is this option in the Adobe 10? This was a tool I used faithfully on a daily basis in my work.

    • Rick Borstein says:

      The Snapshot tool is not on by default, but it is easy to add. Right-click on the Toolbar and choose Edit>Snapshot to add the Snapshot tool to your toolbar.

  40. Camille says:

    I just upgraded my 20-person office to Adobe X Pro and am getting complaints from multiple users. For several people, the Properties toolbar opens every time they open any PDF, and this is really annoying. I couldn’t tell from the comments above if this is supposed to happen or not. Is there a way to toggle this toolbar to open or not open?

    • Rick Borstein says:

      If you mean the Properties Toolbar (CTRL-E) then that should not be happening. If you are using any custom javascripts that call the toolbar, you might want to check for that.

      • Breanna says:

        Rick, do you have any suggestions on a way to *add* a custom javascript to do that? I need the properties bar pretty much every time I open my pdfs, and would LOVE for it to open automatically! I was really put out when I found that we couldn’t dock it anymore, and that we couldn’t add any of the features separately to the toolbars.

        On a side note.. my “sharing”/emailing button is not working. When I click the button that looks like an envelope it says “either there is no default mail client or the current mail client cannot fulfill the messaging request…” My microsoft outlook 2010 IS set as default… and I don’t know why it wouldn’t be able to “fulfill the request”. Any ideas on this would be appreciated. Personally, I’d rather two separate buttons, one for email, and one for SendNow, that we can add or remove from the tool bar, rather than one button that brings up something else where we choose from b/w the two. I appreciate you offering other ways to send things, but us having to chose which one as a “step two” every time gets annoying…

        And, honestly, I’m another person who agrees that it would be nice to change the Tools | Comment | Share buttons… Even a size reduction would help. 🙂 Thanks!

        • Rick Borstein says:

          Good feedback, thanks. We will be making some improvements, I hope, in our next major version.

  41. Richard says:

    I “really need” a ‘save as pdf’ toolbar button as most pdf’s I get seem to be read-only (so I can’t “save” them but I can use “save as” . Any change over the last few months on this particular point? Thanks.

  42. Tony Esposito says:

    Why is the “Save” icon disabled in the ToolBar and File menu? Where is the “Save As” Icon? Very annoying that I can’t click an Icon to save a file created by a virtual PDF printer. It was available in vs 9.0

    • Rick Borstein says:

      The Save icon is there (looks like a Floppy disk, same as in previous versions). There is no Save As button, but we have heard your feedback and this could change in the future.

  43. Rachel Miller says:

    I just stumbled upon this web page because I have been trying to google how I can put “find” on top. Sort of like in windows 7 when you click on “my computer”. You don’t have to do “edit” and then “find”. You can just type in whatever you’re looking for in the upper right corner. I realize I can click on edit and then find. I also know that I can click on the magnifying glass.

    Also, I do not associate a magnifying glass with “find”. Is the average person supposed to associate a magnifying glass with “find”? I’d like to think that I am the average person. I do not associate a magnifying glass with “find”. Not one bit. I associate it with magnifying things. Am I crazy?

    I am in medical school and the PDF document we need to know for every 3 week exam is never less than 2000 pages. In the last few days right before the exam when you’re done studying and you’re just trying to wrap things up, it gets annoying to hit that magnifying glass 500 times a day or so. No exaggeration – at least 500 times a day.

    I know I am not the only medical student frustrated by this. You should have seen the medical students waiting in line at our bookstore when acrobat X came out. We couldn’t wait to see what kind of new features were there. A lot of people were disappointed when they realized they couldn’t put the “find” option on top permanently. I know this sounds pretty stupid to the average user, but for people like us, it means a lot.

    Not sure if anyone will read this, or if this is the kind of forum for something like this. But, I am going to cross my fingers and click on “post”.

    • Rick Borstein says:

      Just Type CTRL-F, that is the keyboard shortcut for Find. CMD-F on the Mac. Hitting that keyboard command will open the Find field and insert the cursor in the field. You might also try full search. CTRL-SHIFT-F (CMD-SHIFT-F on the Mac.) Which allows you to search on a lot more terms.

  44. Arni says:

    I don’t seem able to move any of the tool bars to the lower part of the window. I find the page navigation to be awkward at the top and would like it at the bottom of the window along wit hthe page count. In Pro 8 I was able to drag the bar where I wanted it.

    • Rick Borstein says:

      Unfortunately, you can’t move the page navigation toolbar to the bottom of the Window in Acrobat 9 or X.

  45. John Rasor says:

    I wish you would allow us to disable the Tools | Sign | Comment menu bar items. I don’t use them, and they take up a lot of space. Your earlier comment on wide screen monitors is appreciated, but I use a tablet at work in portrait mode, and screen space is at a premium. I use the magnify and rotate tools constantly, and it is slow getting them from the drop down menu.


  46. Mike Wills says:

    In Acrobat X Pro, whenever I make a change to a document, I can no longer just save the changes to the original file. Instead, I get a message that says: “This document could not be saved. Cannot write to this file. Please save the document with a different name or in a different folder”.

    This causes me to have multiple, numerous files and versions of files, gobbling up space and time! Is there a preference I can change so I can just SAVE like I was able to do with 9 Pro?

    • Rick Borstein says:

      When you open a PDF from a temp folder — like from email — you will receive the message. The behavior is the same as in A9. CTRL-Shift-S is Save As.

  47. Mike B says:

    1. Rick makes a comment that it is easier for new users. So have a new user mode. I don’t really care about the novice. What about the people who use it every day and are slowed down by the update?
    2. I use Find all the time, and I prefer it on the toolbar. I tend to use visual clues, not keyboard shortcuts. Find is why we use PDF instead of paper, because we can find things by searching.
    3. I also use snapshot and can’t understand why it has moved off the toolbar in favor of things like signature.
    4. It could be worse. thanks for not going to the tabbed ribbon microsoft uses. Menus for everything, toolbars for the things we use the most, and keyboard shortcuts if we like using them. Software should be functional, but we feel like it’s becoming like the fashion industry–wide ties are in, then narrow ties are in. Spare me. It is finally getting to the point where we dread “upgrades” because they only slow us down.

    • Rick Borstein says:

      I just added a post about customizing the common toolbars. See

      You mention New User mode. Acrobat essentially ships in New User Mode for lack of a better term. Advanced users will want to customize the interface. Since every person and industry is different, YOU need to do that in a way that fits your requirements.

      • Brian says:

        Please see the post above by James (10:43 AM on November 29, 2011) about not being able to dock the comment properties toolbar to the main toolbar. Please give us back the ability to customize this important feature.

        • Rick Borstein says:

          It’s not like I can wave a magic wand and make that happen! You will see some changes in the future I hope.

  48. Nihar Mody says:

    Is it possible in Acrobat X Pro to assign a different key as Hot key to any of the menu items?

    e.g, for copy instead of Ctl+C I want to assign F3. Is it possible?

  49. Chris Hinds says:

    Has the option to add and remove single tools been taken away? I see only adding or removing sets of tools, such as the Edit tools, but all I want on the tool bar is the Find and Advanced Find. When I add all the tools I want on the tool bar many are now in the overflow and have to be accessed by additional mouse clicks. Is this the case? Or is there a way to select a specific tool and ignore the others in a tool set?

  50. Celia H. says:

    Please please please – get the developers busy returning the Save As button – and please please please make it available in Adobe 9 as well as Adobe X

  51. Bart Schroder says:

    I’m with John, Mike and others: Get rid of the Tools, Sign and Comment buttons. Put Find back on the tool bar, not obscuring the document. Make it so you can have whatever tools you want on the tool bar – menu items for everything else.

    I don’t share PDFs with others – I just read them. I need Find and zoom, and easy viewing. Everything else is extra. I NEVER view PDF’s full screen, there are always multiple other applications open, so let me make the decisions on what is used or not.

  52. Sean says:


    I see your answer seems to be “customize the toolbars the way you want” and you seem to not be realizing that the issue is not so much that people want different options, but rather we DO NOT WANT the “tools/sign/comment” area there and yet we cannot remove it. We can customize everything else just fine, that isn’t the issue… it’s this one screen that’s really large that you are not able to customize and are stuck with that is the issue.

    Also, just FYI, your comments here of doing research and whatnot make you sound like an ass. If people here are posting saying they don’t want something on their screen, they obviously don’t care about why it was put there, they care about what is going to be done to fix said issue.

    Now, I humbly request that you guys at Adobe fix the major issue here and stop trying to justify crap that people don’t want.

    • Rick Borstein says:

      I understand the issue and I appreciate you sharing your opinion. We certainly do understand that the new UI is a big change and some people don’t like it. We will be working on streamlining the UI in the next version of Acrobat.

  53. They need a way to put ACTIONS in the toolbar

    • Rick Borstein says:

      Yes, I agree. We’re looking into a good way to do this. At present, you can only put Edit Actions there which will present a list you can pick from and then run.

  54. Gary says:

    I do not have two rows of tools (Adobe Reader X 10.1.3). I lack the hand tool and cannot find a menu item that allows me to add it. Display all tools is grayed out. When I selected highlight and then add text, hand tool disappeared. Escape does not bring it back. Please help. Thank you.

  55. Tim Colgan says:

    Fully customize-able toolbars – WE WANT THEM BACK!

    Respond if you agree.

    It’s a pity to see Adobe go back to the stone-age on this standard feature of modern software.

  56. Jamie says:

    Where can I find the Initial View tab in Adobe Reader X?
    It was under File, Properties menu.

    It is so frustrating have to modify Page View and Full Screen, each time I open a pdf or jump to another page. I am about to give up with this Reader.

    Thank you.

    • Rick Borstein says:

      You can change the default view of documents in Reader X by choose Edit>Preferences. Change the Zoom level to your choice. However, that will only work if the document author hasn’t specifically set the Intial View which will override your preference in Reader. Changing the initial view permanently is only available in Acrobat since that is an edit to the document.

  57. Bryan says:

    We just upgraded to Acrobat X Standard due to compatibility issues vs. Acrobat 9 Standard, and there will be many complaints by our users. Not being able to dock the typewriter, find, and other features that could be docked in Acrobat 9 is a true hinderance. Also, these many pop-up windows that cannot be docked are an obstruction to workflow, so it’s more than just a convenience issue, it actually wastes our users’ time by causing more needed clicks per operation and going through dialogs that must be re-opened continuously.

    Will this fundamental function (docking) be implemented anytime soon? I know so many of us that posted in the forums are still waiting–after so many updates, docking has never been implemented. Will it ever be included in a future update?

    • Rick Borstein says:

      Sorry to hear about these issues. The Properties Bar cannot be docked. Are there other windows that are showing up? I have heard of other users running into this and we are trying to track this down. What other windows are appearing?

  58. B says:

    How do I get rid of the “tools sign comment” items on the top right? They keep getting in the way of my work… thanks..

    • Rick Borstein says:

      Unfortunately, you can’t. They are on the same toolbar as the Common Tools (nav, etc.) and cannot be moved.

  59. Susan says:

    After running the update to 10.1.3, we have these 4 floating toolbars that show up in the middle of the page every time we open a PDF. I can’t figure out where to turn this off. It’s fine if the toolbars are on top, but this is the middle of the page and it’s terribly annoying to have to close them every time.

    • Rick Borstein says:

      That is really weird and the second comment I’ve gotten on this. I will contact you separately about this issue.

  60. Cathy Lewis says:

    The open document button is on the toolbar. I cannot seem to add a close document button. Can I?

    • Rick Borstein says:

      The close button is standard platform control in the upper right hand corner (black X) of the document window on Windows and the upper left (red dot) on Mac.

  61. PKaran says:

    How to edit text box tool, I Need rectange with red line and white background, How to fix this. How to remove cloudy permonenty from the system,

  62. Hendrik says:

    In Acrobat 8 Prof I could use the Snapshot tool to copy a section of a page and paste it on the next page or in a different PDF doc for reference. This function does not work in Acrobat X pro as I take the Snapshot but then it is not available to be pasted back?

    Please advise as we use this a lot to show differecnes between PDF files received in our industry.

    • Rick Borstein says:

      I don’t think I ever tried that in v8, but you could get the clipboard image onto the page using the Stamp tool. Try the option “Paste clipboard image as stamp”.

  63. A Maiti says:

    I have been Acrobat since version 4, every time it has improved. This is the first time it does not feel right. There seems to be little reasons to go for acro X from acro 9.

    My biggest disapointment is the inability to rearrange the toolbar components. Earlier I used to have 3-4 rows of toolbar(top and/or bottom). Now everything is bundled in two rows. Moreover, on resizing the window some thing simply disappear and appear as a dropdown menu in the corner. I can’t move particular tools such as snapshot which appear only at the extreme right and disappears accordingly.

    Is there a solution?

    • Rick Borstein says:

      I hear your frustration. We simplified the interface in Acrobat X which can make it challenging for power users such as yourself who use a lot of tools. We are working on enhancements for our next major version which I think may help address this.

  64. TB says:

    I can’t seem to get the “Properties” toolbar to snap to the toolbar like in the older versions. This is frustrating that I have to type CTRL+E everytime I need to edit text etc.

    How do I snap it to the toolbar? I tried everything. I also can’t seem to move the navigation toolbar on the bottom any more. This is frustrating. How do I do this?

    I have asked IT if I can go back to the older version … hopefully I can get it soon.

    • Rick Borstein says:

      You’re right. There is no way to dock the Properties Bar and I know that is frustrating. I have sent your feedback (and others) up the line.

  65. D Ketterer says:

    Same comment regarding the 4 pop-up toolbars (Properties, File, Select & Zoom and Comment & Markup). I can close, but they pop up each time I open a pdf (all day long). Has a solution been found yet?

    • Rick Borstein says:

      I’ve heard of this from a few customers and it seems to be related to certain installations. This shouldn’t be happening. I will contact you to open a support case.

  66. Jamie says:

    How can I make the toolbar icons smaller or better yet, to only occupy one row?
    Does anyone find it useful to have such big icons with TWO THICK rows on top?
    It takes too much real estate. This is very annoying especially when viewing pdf on my laptop.

  67. Janet says:

    I searched through this blog and believe I’ve seen this answered, but wanted to confirm. The Comments list is now located on the right hand side of the screen and can NOT be moved to another location. Correct? I believe in Abobe 8 the comments could be docked at the bottom of the screen. We do use this feature quite a lot, and often with two files open side by side. The inability to move the comments to screen bottom means diminished width availability for these side by side reviews.

    • Rick Borstein says:

      Yes, that’s true in Acrobat X . . . it is on the right. Fortunately, Acrobat XI (announced yesterday) let’s you undock the Comments panel and put it anywhere. I presume you could even put it on another screen.

  68. Ken Johnson says:

    How can I move the “Comments List” in Acrobat X from the right side of my screen (where it is hard to view long comments) to the bottom of my screen (where it is easier to view long comments) just like I had in Acrobat 8 PRO?

    • Rick Borstein says:

      Sorry, that’s not possible in Acrobat X and I know you are frustrated. I have given this feedback to our engineers.

  69. Cindy says:

    How ridiculous. I have tried and tried, spent lots of time trying to elimnate the ‘Tools’, Sign, and Comment’ drop down menus and headers from the menu bar. Who needed this? I want all the tools that I need to show up in one row. I can’t get the ‘Take Snapshot’ tool to show in the menu bar, it’s in the arrow drop down. I have eliminated 4-5 items and still it won’t go up in the bar. If those useless TOOLS, SIGN , COMMENT, could be hidden or removed then I could have MORE MENU SPACE.

    • Rick Borstein says:

      This post was not about customizing the toolbars in Adobe Reader, but the steps are similar. You cannot eliminate the Tools, Sign and Comment panels as that is the way tools are accessed by most users. You can add the Snapshot tool to the QuickTools bar by right clicking on the main toolbar and choosing Edit> Take Snapshot. You can park as many tools as you want in the QuickTools bar as space permits on your monitor.

  70. Kimberly Weiss says:

    The icon at the top left that gives me the ability to break the document into separate pages has disappeared, and I cannot find anything that will bring it back. I have gone into the toolbars and can’t find an option to add it back on. I need this particular icon more than just about anything else and am going nuts without it. Please help!!

    • Rick Borstein says:

      I’m assuming you mean Extract Pages. You can find that in the Tools Pane in the Pages section. Right-click on it and choose Add to Quicktools. I don’t think Extract was ever part of the default set of Acrobat tools, fyi.

  71. Jason says:

    When, oh when, will we once again be able to have the ‘Save As’ button on the toolbar? I’ve spoken with multiple people in the office, and it …well, causes frustration to say the least. Only having access to the ‘Save’ button is pretty much worthless to us. I saw that this issue/request was brought up over a YEAR ago, and from what I can tell, it still does not exist. This is a VERY simple feature. When can we expect to see it? Or can we?

  72. Karen says:

    Good afternoon,
    I use Adobe 9 Pro and have found the flattening tool very convenient, however our IT did some updates and now my great feature doesn’t work anymore. I’ve tried both batch flattening and preflight without success, in addition I receive “unable to save the PDF file after post processing”.
    Can you tell me if there is an easy fix – as my IT dept can’t figure it out and neither can I.
    Thanks in advance.

  73. Andy Hughes says:

    This shows a fundamental flaw in the microsoft pardigm of “right click” something. I said all things you change should be in the menus, the original apple way, so anyone can find it. This is a good example. Things should be transparent and clear not hidden under some right click “somewhere” … you guess where.

    • Rick Borstein says:

      I agree that it could be easier to customize the Common toolbar. However, right-click is a common UI option on both Mac and Win.

      • Julie Nass says:

        I have a Mac OS 10.6.8 running your Acrobat 10.1.1
        I have tried every way to click and hover over the page navigation tool bar area and I CANNOT make the Pop up tool menu appear.
        Further – the magnification tool which I would like to always show does NOT – I can only get it under VIEW menu. Also, looking under VIEW – Page Navigation menus above, my choices are missing the last 2 options you show – “Show All Page Navigation Tools” and “Reset Page Navigation Tools” . WHERE are all my missing tools? I agree with Andy – You should always have a 2nd way of making tools appear!

        • Rick Borstein says:

          You have to right-click on the toolbar. You can also go to the View menu to access the same toolbars. It works for me on my Mac.

  74. Dan says:

    I really hope you listen to the comments saying: Give us an option to get rid of the Tools / Sign / Comment fields and free up valuable toolbar space!
    I use a widescreen monitor, so I can see a PDF doc on the left, in std page proportions but using full screen height. And I work with that info on the right.
    I have customixed my toolbar so I have all my useful tools available – but the Tools/Sign/Comment area means that they are no longer directly visible. I have never used Tools/Sign/Comment.

    • Rick Borstein says:

      Understood. In Acrobat XI, you can create custom workspaces so you can create and save all of your tools and customize the panles. You still cannot hide Sign and Comment, but with the custom panel you may be able to put all the tools you need in a single panel which requires less switching.

      • Andy says:

        Hey Rick. Were you able to fix the 4 “floating toolbars” that open and have to be closed manually: Properties, File, Select & Zoom, and Comment & Markup. If so. How?

      • David Johnson says:

        OK, Tools/Sign/Comment is not going away – in spite of all the obvious disapproval of the users. Could we at least iconify them, or make them smaller? The truth is, I hated these, mainly because of the pop-up that says ‘convert your document to word by clicking tools’ only to find that it was actually embedded advertising for the Adobe on line paid account – pretty undignified way of trying to sell product.
        However, in exploring the features in this area, it seems that they add to the richness of the program. THEY STILL OCCUPY WAY TOO MUCH SPACE which makes them most annoying. Give us a ‘size’ option, or an ‘iconify’ so that we can have control.
        The same applies to such things as the HUGE – + buttons – come on, really? – the zoom takes up nearly 1/4 of the bar space for a single tool.

        • Rick Borstein says:

          I’ve sent your feedback on to our product team. Thanks for sharing it. (I don’t write the software, honest . . .)

  75. Mark says:

    How come when saving out as an EPS I cannot default the option of ‘Convert Truetype to Type 1’ as unchecked. Every other setting can be defaulted to stay on or off, but this setting is always defaulted to be on when using Save As…. I have even changed it in the Acrobat Preferences > Convert to PDF: Encapsulated PostScript settings. In those settings it is off, but when I Save As and ESP the setting is defaulted back on.

  76. Jess says:

    Rick please tell your product feedback team to give users full flexiblilty to customize the buttons to their liking. As an Adobe user I want to choose the icons (and arrangement) that suite my needs and more importantly, I want to be able to turn off the icons I don’t use. Scanning the posts above you can see this is a common frustration. Whether I have a widescreen monitor or not is not the issue. Even if I had the worlds largest monitor, I still do not want to pick through the many icons that I do not use.

  77. Dries says:

    Can a docked toolbar be converted to a floating toolbar in Acrobat X Pro? If so, how?

  78. docjay says:

    Hi everyone. Just uninstall adobe reader x and xi, then install 9.5 which is just like x or xi in every way, minus the comment, share and sign buttons.

    • Rick Borstein says:

      You could, but note that Reader 9 is going out of support starting in June 2013 and it won’t be getting any further security updates, so that is a short term solution. Reader X and XI are much more secure because they offer Protected Mode and Protected View.

  79. Perplexer says:

    I wish it would be possible to merge the two rows into one row of tools. I have all the tools I need in each row and both are 60% empty to the right, causing waste of valuable screen realestate. F8 and F9 are inadequate solutions since having to press keys each time I open a document should not be needed. Same with having to switch to Read Mode. If I could just be able to customize my tools by moving and arranging them into a single row that would solve all the problems with pressing the function keys, switching to Read Mode and making good use of the screen space.

    A suggestion for the next version/update.

  80. Hector E. Gaxiola says:

    I have multiple files on a folder (maybe like 1500 files all named in a sequential numerical order. Do we have the ability to open them in sequence without having to click on the specific file? meaning if I’m viewing file 1 and want to view file 2 in the same folder can just hit the right arrow key?

    this feature is in the picture viewer on standard microsoft windows. i wan to see if Adobe reader had that same ability.


    • Rick Borstein says:

      Actually, yes you can do this on Windows 7. Open the folder containing your PDF files. In the folder menu, click the Organize menu then choose Layout>Preview. The list of files will be on the left and a preview will appear on the right. The window is sizeable so you can get a good view of the PDF.

  81. Nick V. says:

    Is there a way to move the Page Navigation Pane back to the bottom of the screen?

  82. Pat C says:

    Not liking the way the Properties Bar has been re-designed. I understand that it’s being dynamic could cause multiple menu rows but the rows could be reduced by selecting a different tool which is much quicker than opening the PB each session and having to move the PB constantly out of the way. Plus if you move the file to a second monitor, the PB stays put and has to be dragged as a separate item. I can place the mark ups tools indivudually on the menu bar or make a personal panel loaded with my favorite tools but having the tools handy is not much use if they cannot be controlled on the fly by reaching to a known location. Also, an issue with us is the old dimensioning tool. Why not put it back? It saves time and allows text to be rotated. Dealing in a review process arena, where efficiency is defined as “turn around” time, the tools are valuable to us. Please consider bringing them back (anchorable yet dynamic PB, dimension tool and rotate text). If you have a way of anchoring the PB, please let me know.

  83. Buzzed aldrin says:

    Is there a way (preference, reg. tweak etc) to get Acrobat XI to remember the F8 and F9 toolbar / menu toggle upon opening a document, in my case to hide both?
    Older versions, I recall at least with 7, would remember the toolbar / menu setting.

    • Rick Borstein says:

      I don’t think Acrobat has ever remembered the menu and toolbar options that I recall and, unfortunately, there is not preference to do so. If you are clever with JavaScript, it might be possible to create a JavaScript to do so.

  84. Rick says:

    I won’t complain about getting rid of Tools / Sign / Comment. I don’t like them but I understand that you guys need to make a profit and you believe that it’s necessary to put them there. Hey, can’t complain if it’s free, right?

    What I will complain about though is how much tougher it is to customize the rest of the toolbar than it used to be. Before, all you had to do was click in one place, all toolbar options were listed, and you could check or uncheck any boxes you wanted to at the same time, then save. Now, you have to go to View > Show/Hide > Toolbar Items > xxxx and add or remove them one at a time. Sure, it can still be done. But it seems like a big waste of time, especially when doing it on a laptop without a mouse. And that’s not even counting all the googling I had to do to find this blog and get the answer.

    In the grand scheme of things, I suppose it’s not really that big a deal. But I don’t understand why you would intentionally make it harder to customize the toolbars than it used to be, and thereby irritating a lot of customers for no apparent reason. If there is a reason, I’d like to know what it is. Thanks.

    • Rick Borstein says:

      Thanks for your feedback. I agree with you and I have forwarded this to our developers.

  85. Fang says:

    Hi Rick,

    I came here because I really couldn’t understand Acrobat X’s toolbars when my company upgraded Acrobat on my PCs. While I can understand how your UX team has tried to design a new “toolbar” interface which is better for users, the problem is that it’s too similar to the typical toolbar interface in other programs (and indeed, the previous Acrobat versions). As a result, the toolbars are not performing as expected, even though you don’t mean for them to. This is I suppose why it’s hard to tell users that they need to learn the new interface, because they don’t see how it’s new (as opposed to Microsoft Office’s ribbon interface). This might be something you want to note. For the record, I’m not a fan of the new interface.

    Anyway, this comment wasn’t for the toolbars. I just want to commend you on your effort in replying to every comment (even if I don’t agree with them) because there is so much effort needed on your part to do so, and not many companies do that. Cheers.

    • Rick Borstein says:

      If I understand you, you don’t like the new interface because the toolbar is similar to other programs? I agree that this is a double-edged sword. It is nice to have similarity because if you know how– say– QuickTools work in Word, they will work similarly in Acrobat. If you are quickly switching between programs, I guess it could be confusing. If you are coming from Acrobat 9, AX and AXI are a really big change. With some time, you will get used it. It took me a while, too!

  86. George says:

    I can’t find the hand icon on my Adobe reader XI

    • Rick Borstein says:

      Perhaps you have them hidden? Hit F8 to turn them on. If you are in the browser, you need to exit Read Mode to see the tool.

  87. Brad says:

    In pre-X, the previously selected stamp stayed selected when you clicked the stamp button again. In X, when you click the stamp button you then have to click the desired stamp again. Is there any way around this?


    • Rick Borstein says:

      Simply Add a stamp to the document and keep it selected. Then, go to the Stamp tool and choose “Keep Tool Selected”

  88. Sam Daniel says:

    I am putting on a custom stamp onto Acrobat XI. However, the the stamp has been imported but I have to add information to the stamp that changes everytime and the stamp cannot be permanet with some info. Basically, I try to put on a number onto the stamp and the writing is hidden behind the stamp. How do you I put the text in front of the stamp instead of behind?? This is driving me crazy

  89. Daniel Williams says:

    I am trying to figure out how to add the share files icon to the floating toolbar in read mode. We send a lot of our pdfs through email and I am always having to take an extra step to get to that icon. If that is not possible is there a way to have all of my PDF’s open straight to full screen instead of read mode?

    • Rick Borstein says:

      It is not possible to add icons to Read mode. However, you can turn off Read Mode in Acrobat Preferences. Go to the Internet section to turn off Read mode.

  90. Step12 says:

    Thank you !

  91. Srinivas Kumar Devalanka says:


    Why doesn’t the Adobe XI provide the facility to arrange the tool bar icons in a customized positions (like I want the Page numbers i.e. 24/168 should show in the center of the toolbar) and also if we want to stick the toolbar in the bottom like the Adobe 8 or 9 previous versions. It could be user friendly if these features provided by the Adobe in XI.

    Thanks in advance for the reply.

    • Rick Borstein says:

      It hasn’t been possible to move the Navigation toolbar since Acrobat 8, sorry. Acrobat X and XI use a panel-based interface, so most of the tools are not available in toolbars. In XI, you can create your own custom panels with the set of tools you need. You can add QuickTools — frequently used tools– to the toolbar. You can also turn on or off any of the tools in the Edit, Navigation, etc. toolbars.