New Acrobat DC October Update introduces Tabbed Interface and More

Earlier this week, we shipped the Adobe Acrobat DC 2015 (October release). This new release includes some really nice new features.

Below is a run-down on just a few of the features, but you can click here for a complete list.

Tabbed Interface

I love this new feature! Acrobat now groups your documents into tabs like your web browser:


If you don’t like the tabbed view, you can turn it off in Preferences (CTRL/CMD-K):


Better Sticky Notes

Sticky Notes work more smoothly than in previous versions and they look a bit nicer.

It’s easier now to reply to the comment in a Sticky note. Previously, you had to go to the fly-out menu of the Sticky Note to reply.


Nice Combine Files

The Combine Files option has been updated with a nicer user interface. It’s easier now to expand or collapse the pages in a file and to delete the pages you don’t want to combine.

Just select the file and the controls appear on top of it.


PDF Editing Improvements

Acrobat DC introduced really robust PDF editing enhancements and we’ve added more in the October Release.

In the October 2015 release, you can now select different bullet types and even convert bullet lists to numbered lists and vice-versa.


6 Responses to New Acrobat DC October Update introduces Tabbed Interface and More

  1. Rajeev says:

    I am not getting these new October update. I click “Help” and then “check for updates”. I am getting message “No update available”. “Installed: Adobe Acrobat DC (15.006.30094).
    Could you please tell that whether this October update is free for existing customer or it is paid? If free then why I am not getting it.

    • Rick Borstein says:

      I am referring to the Continuous release of Acrobat. Some organizations install the Classic release which won’t include the October new features. The October Acrobat DC continuous release is marked 15.009.20071 on Windows.

  2. Is thus October release for Mac OS as well? I cannot update Acrobat DC. Thx

  3. David Masters says:

    How do we get the October release? I keep checking for updates (Acrobat DC Pro), no updates available (15.006.30094).