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Pre-release Program for Upcoming Patch Release

We’re about to release a bug fix patch release for the 8.1.1 release pretty soon. We would like to invite interested users of Adobe Reader for Unix platforms to participate in the pre-release program for that release to help us test the fixes to the problems reported by various users on this blog as well as the user-to-user forums. This is an opportunity for you – the user – to interact with us – the developers – and give us direct feedback on the planned patch release.

Pre-release Program

If you are interested in enrolling for the pre-release program, please get in touch with Anupam Garg (agarg at adobe dot com), the Program Manager for this project, and he will assist you from there. If you have any questions about this pre-release program, feel free to post your comments here or write in to Anupam. Looking forward to a healthy participation and useful feedback!


    Hi there,

    Great news, and we really hope that this patchrelease will include a Solaris 10 AMD port since we all that uses S10 on AMD are getting very sick of the Gnome clone.

    Wr really need ad a real PDF reader on our new platform.


    Michael Laajanen

    IT manager 4Real AB

    Embedded solutions

    I’ve not received a reply from Anupam after I sent him email that I want to participate. Is this a silent sign-up?

    The most missing feature for me is “2D GPU acceleration”. I have Athlon64 3000+ and I’m sure AR8 could be faster. There are some interfaces, APIs which may be useful for this purpose: OpenGL/GLX 2.1.2 or XRender acceleration. Nvidia, AMD (ATI) and Intel have very speedy OpenGL on Linux platform so why not use this GPU powerhouse for AR8 turbo mode. Adobe Flash Player 9,0,115 for Linux already uses OpenGL/GLX for video acceleration so this Linux API looks to be familiar to Adobe.

    Also compiling AR8 binaries for i686 platform or higher could increase speed. The present AR8 i486 platform is a little bit funny and archaic when an user imagines how ill must be person trying to use AR8 on genuine Intel 486 CPU with few Megabytes of RAM.
    Most Linux distributions are compiled nowadays for i686 so AR8 should also be on this level. This is not very hard to do: just add -march=i686 parameter to other gcc compilation options.

    Can we get this release compiled with GTK 2.4
    so that it will actually run on the Solaris 10
    distribution? Please?

    Re: GTK 2.4

    Yes. Adobe Reader 8.1.2 should work with GTK 2.4 on Solaris 10. Look out for the release announcement, now just a few days away.


    I have installed Adobe Reader version 7.0.9 on AIX 6.1 and have a working Firefox browser (using it for this message). What I need now is a flash player. A lot of web pages won’t run corretly with out the flash player.

    Are you guys working on Flash Player for AIX????

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