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February 15, 2008

Known Issues with Adobe Reader 8.1.2

Earlier we had maintained a Known Issues page for Reader 8.1.1 and got overwhelming response and feedback on that – it was a great success because that page provided a platform for both us (the developers of the product) and you (the users) to share ideas and feedback. The results of keeping that page was that we were able to tackle and fix issues faster, and you were able to report any new issues quickly.

This page attempts to do the same thing, for Reader 8.1.2. This page will be updated regularly with new Known Issues in this release. Note that a “Known Issue” listed on this page is one that has been confirmed to be a bug in this release by Adobe testers and has been logged in our internal bug tracking system. These issues are our highest priority and we try to fix them by the next patch or major release.

So please keep your feedback coming in as it has been so far and help us improve this product! You can post your feedback either on this page or on the User-to-user forums and we’ll see to it that we resolve your issue.

  1. Acroread 8.1.2 cannot print multiple copies
    There’s a bug in Adobe Reader 8.1.2 (reported here) wherein printing to multiple copies to any printer doesn’t work.
  2. Some 3D files throw “3D Parsing Error” on trying to enable 3D on Solaris
    This issue is present on Solaris Reader and is file specific. On trying to enable 3D on some 3D files on Solaris the Reader returns an alert saying “3D Parsing Error” and the 3D image is shown blank.
  3. Acroread 8.x doesn’t properly support Unix Style Copy/Paste
    This issue has been reported by multiple users at on the User-to-user forums. The Primary selection clipboard text is not updated on second selection and the paste returns the first item that was selected. This is a known bug in Adobe Reader 8.x and will be fixed in the next release.
  4. Acroread locks up when going to Edit -> Preferences | Reviewing
    This issue has been reported by users here. The issue is reproducible on opensuse 10.3, Ubuntu 6.10 and RHEL5. The hang/lock-up happens on second or third iteration of opening the Edit -> Preferences -> Reviewing tab.

February 14, 2008

Adobe Reader now available via Yum!

YUM!We’re pleased to announce the launch of the Yum repository for Adobe Reader on Linux!! Now you can install or update to the latest version of the Linux Reader using yum which will take care of all the download and installation automatically.

All language versions of the Linux Reader are available in the repository.

How to install or update Adobe Reader via Yum?

  1. Do `yum check-update | grep AdobeReader` (in case of update)
  2. Download and install the Adobe Release RPM (one-time step only)
  3. Run the Yum command with the Adobe Reader for your language, as follows:
    For first time installations:
    yum install AdobeReader_enu (for English)
    yum install AdobeReader_jpn (for Japanese) etc.
    For updates:
    yum update AdobeReader_enu (for English) (or the package name returned from Step 1)

That’s it! For more information on using Yum for installation, updating or removing a software, refer this site, or the Fedora Software Management Guide.

February 6, 2008

Bug Fixes and Enhancements in Reader 8.1.2

General Issues

  • Problems running on Solaris 10: There were issues with Adobe Reader 8.1.1 on the default installation of Solaris 10 due to GTK version. This has been fixed in 8.1.2 Reader which does not require users to upgrade GTK to 2.6.
  • Launch problem on Solaris 9: On some Solaris 9 machines Acroread 8.1.1 did not launch and hung on startup. This has been fixed in Reader 8.1.2
  • Font caching Issues: Various font caching issues are fixed in Reader 8.1.2, including the issue of fonts that were configured using fontconfig not being picked up by the Reader to render documents (reported by Novell here).
  • Reader freezes for 40 seconds on startup: This was also related to font caching (originally reported here) and has been fixed in Reader 8.1.2
  • Unable to find the HTML rendering library (libgtkembedmoz): This issue was reported by many users who did not have the libgtkmozembed library installed properly (discussed in the Adobe Reader 8.1.1 FAQs, point 2). Some fixes have been made in Reader 8.1.2 to ensure that the alert for the missing library is not shown on every startup to enhance the user experience.
  • Problem with Dual-screen setup (Xinerama mode): Issue number 4 listed on the Known Issues page for Reader 8.1.1 (also reported here). This has been fixed in Reader 8.1.2
  • Firefox plugin problem on SELinux Enabled systems: On SELinux enabled systems did not load with Reader 8.1.1 (originally reported here). This has been fixed in Reader 8.1.2.
  • Document ordering and fullscreen mode: Issue reported here has been fixed in Reader 8.1.2
  • Font KozGoProVI-Medium.otf is missing in Japanese Reader: Reported here, this issue is fixed in Reader 8.1.2
  • Not able to play multimedia with RealPlayer 10 on Linux under some conditions:8.1.2 Reader has better support for playing multimedia using the latest release of RealPlayer on Linux.

Printing Related Issues

  • Incorrect orientation: Issues with printing PDF files containing portrait and landscape pages (reported here) have been fixed in Reader 8.1.2. Choosing “Auto Rotate and Center” will now print the pages in their inherent orientation.
  • Red wash on printing with HP CLJ 2605: A workaround for this has been added in the preferences ($HOME/.adobe/Acrobat/8.0/Preferences/reader_prefs), namely “brokenCRDs”. This value is set to “false” by default and can be modified to “true” if one faces the red background issue.
  • Scaling issues: Problems with -shrink/-expand options in the command line (Issue #1 listed on the Known Issues page for Reader 8.1.1) as well as with “Custom” printing in the dialog (reported here) have been fixed in Reader 8.1.2
  • Incorrect preview on Ubuntu Fiesty: The default page size for a printer (and not US Letter) is used to draw the print preview.
  • Reader does not remember last chosen printer across sessions: Last chosen printer is now remembered between different sessions of the Reader in 8.1.2 release.
  • Cannot pipe PDF as input to acroread: PDF contents can be read from stdin when using the -toPostScript option
  • Hardcoding of printer command: Earlier the printer command was hardcoded in the reader binary (reported here). This has been fixed in Reader 8.1.2 to pick up the command from the PATH environment variable.

February 6, 2008

Adobe Reader 8.1.2 for Linux and Sparc Solaris Released!

We’re pleased to announce the release of the latest patch release of Adobe Reader for Linux and Sparc Solaris. Version 8.1.2 contains scores of bug fixes including security vulnerability fixes. Also, this version contains fixes based on the various user feedback we got from you folks on the User-to-user forums and this blog, and the 8.1.2 Pre-release program.

Download Links:

  • Main Download Page
  • FTP Download Tree
  • An overview of the major bug fixes and enhancements in this release will be posted shortly. Go ahead and download this latest version of the Unix Reader and let us know your feedback. We look forward to hearing from you!

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