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Adobe Reader 8.1.2 for Linux and Sparc Solaris Released!

We’re pleased to announce the release of the latest patch release of Adobe Reader for Linux and Sparc Solaris. Version 8.1.2 contains scores of bug fixes including security vulnerability fixes. Also, this version contains fixes based on the various user feedback we got from you folks on the User-to-user forums and this blog, and the 8.1.2 Pre-release program.

Download Links:

  • Main Download Page
  • FTP Download Tree
  • An overview of the major bug fixes and enhancements in this release will be posted shortly. Go ahead and download this latest version of the Unix Reader and let us know your feedback. We look forward to hearing from you!


      This is great news. Thanks for keeping Adobe Reader current on these platforms … but when will there be a version for Solaris on x86? I’ve been waiting for years ….

      I agree with Jeff, I too have been waiting for years for the Solaris X86 version. Support X86 Unix (Linux) exists, support for Solaris (SPARC) exists. The effort required to have Solaris X86 as a supported platform should be minimal. And with virtual machines, you don’t even have to buy a new compile server 🙂

      Why is changelog for Adobe products always empty?

      # rpm -q –changelog AdobeReader_enu

      Acroread on Solaris AMD.

      We are in great need of a good PDF reader on Solaris AMD platform, why does it take so long?


      Hi. I’m a member of the Bangalore Open Solaris User Group, and I work with Thoughtworks. Did you attend the recent Dev Camp in Bangalore ? A number of the Solaris enthusiasts in Bangalore are interested in seeing Adobe Reader on Solaris and we’d like to help in whatever way we can (including signing NDAs if need be).
      Do write to me and let’s at least meet or talk on the phone. I’m sriramNRN at gmail.


      thanks for making Adobe Reader 8.1.2 available for Linux.

      If a hyperlink in a PDF file points to an external application, is it
      possible to launch this application from Adobe Reader, as it is the
      case since a long time with other PDF viewers on Linux (as xpdf for instance)?

      Thanks in advance for your answer.

      Please release Reader for Solaris x86. As previous posters have noted, you have a Solaris SPARC version and Linux x86 version. A Solaris x86 version should be very simple to produce.

      Could you also release Adobe Reader for Solaris x86 as well as SPARC? Thanks.

      I just had this issue where my “.adobe” folder was using up my entire hard drive space (approx. 30 GB). Where can I file this bug?

      We also could REALLY use a Solaris x86 version of Adobe Reader. We’re grateful for the Solaris SPARC support. Could you please make the x86 version available too?

      I tried to install AcroReader 8.1.2 on my Kubuntu system, but it would not work because it said that it was the wrong architecture. My installation of Kubuntu is AMD 64. What should I do to get AcroReader.

      Adobe 8.1.2 for Linux will not from anywhere.

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