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March 31, 2008

Feature Requests for Adobe Reader

Feature RequestsGreat Ideas come from every corner of the World and we firmly believe in this saying. The purpose of this page is to provide a platform for all users of Adobe Reader for Unix to submit Feature Requests for future versions of the Reader. We know you have great ideas that you’d like to see implemented in the reader, and we want to hear from you!

Because it’s not a perfect world, it’s not always possible to implement each and every feature request, but we do look at each item very seriously and try our best to implement the same.

So if you have a great idea or feature that you’d like to see implemented in the Adobe Reader for Unix Platforms, go ahead and post a comment on this page. We will add your idea to this list after review. Once again, thanks for your continues feedback – that’s what keeps us going!

Note: This page is for feature requests, not bug reports. Bugs can be posted on the Known Issues Page, or the User-to-user forums.

  1. Tabbed Viewing of PDF Documents
    Currently Adobe Reader does not support Tabbed Viewing of documents, which is an MDI (Multiple Document Interface) view. Tabbed Viewing allows documents to be viewed in separate tabs within the same Reader window (similar to web browsers such as Firefox or Opera).
  2. Reloading / Refreshing an opened PDF Document
    If a PDF document is already being viewed in Adobe Reader and the document’s contents change from an external source (such as an external PDF creator), the Reader should automatically reload the document from the new contents (with the user’s permission, of course).
  3. Support for Solaris x86 Platform
    Currently the latest version of the Reader (8.x) does not support Solaris x86 platform. Support for this platform has been requested by a large number of users.
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