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Feature Requests for Adobe Reader

Feature RequestsGreat Ideas come from every corner of the World and we firmly believe in this saying. The purpose of this page is to provide a platform for all users of Adobe Reader for Unix to submit Feature Requests for future versions of the Reader. We know you have great ideas that you’d like to see implemented in the reader, and we want to hear from you!

Because it’s not a perfect world, it’s not always possible to implement each and every feature request, but we do look at each item very seriously and try our best to implement the same.

So if you have a great idea or feature that you’d like to see implemented in the Adobe Reader for Unix Platforms, go ahead and post a comment on this page. We will add your idea to this list after review. Once again, thanks for your continues feedback – that’s what keeps us going!

Note: This page is for feature requests, not bug reports. Bugs can be posted on the Known Issues Page, or the User-to-user forums.

  1. Tabbed Viewing of PDF Documents
    Currently Adobe Reader does not support Tabbed Viewing of documents, which is an MDI (Multiple Document Interface) view. Tabbed Viewing allows documents to be viewed in separate tabs within the same Reader window (similar to web browsers such as Firefox or Opera).
  2. Reloading / Refreshing an opened PDF Document
    If a PDF document is already being viewed in Adobe Reader and the document’s contents change from an external source (such as an external PDF creator), the Reader should automatically reload the document from the new contents (with the user’s permission, of course).
  3. Support for Solaris x86 Platform
    Currently the latest version of the Reader (8.x) does not support Solaris x86 platform. Support for this platform has been requested by a large number of users.


    Reloading documents. When I’m typeseting something in LaTeX, I’ve to close the document and open it again to see changes.

    Please fix resolution on multihead displays with xrandr 1.2 – on my dualhead with 1 screen left to the other, all fonts are very wide, although the height is OK. (probaly the same bug as is in gv)

    Linux version of Adobe Reader has much worse (or none?) support for embeding sound files, comparing to windows version.

    I’d appreciate, if I could save data filled in pdf form (into current pdf file or alternatively into standalone xml file with possibility reload data from xml file back to the form).

    Try to make Adobe Reader smaller. It is a huge installation file for download and there is still a lot of people with really slow internet connection especially in less economically developed countries/regions. Maybe it would be a good idea to split some functionality into plugins/addons.

    Please add another font rendering modes – and maybe some “tuning utility” like ms cleartype tuner on windows. For me both modes (for Monitor, for LCD screen) are less readable than default rendering, which does Evince (http://www.gnome.org/projects/evince/).

    Printing comments pop-ups. For Windows you can enable it by adding bprintCommentPopup to registry and similar hack exists for MacOS X. However, I was not able to do it on Linux.

    Allow to print the rendered document like in windows. Actually, printing of one page of complicated document can take more than 10 minutes on some PS printers. Printing of page rendered in PC can took only several seconds.

    Are you sure that tabs and so on are necessary in PDF Reader??? Don’t think so!

    What would be realy useful are dramatic improvements in speed and support for x86-64 Linux.

    Native gnome print integration under Solaris 10. Firefox 3 has native gnome print built in.

    Being able to bookmark pages and have a viewing history down to a per document level

    I would like AR to be much more faster.

    Please improve the “Printer properties” dialog in “print dialog box” let we select the printer properties like output quality, color …

    Thank You.

    x86/x64 version of acrobat for Solaris

    Large File Support. Limiting AR to 2GB files is simply ridiculous in 2008.

    Please add support for Solaris x86 operating system!

    I would like to see features to help diagnose problems and provide information that is currently difficult to obtain:

    1. better reporting for errors
    or just potential problems with fonts, drawing off the page, etc. Something like the “ghostscript” messages panel in
    gsview would be useful when a document fails to render as expected.

    2. tools to give information about a selection (font, etc.)

    Sometimes an “unexpected” font appears on the document properties list, so it would be nice to select a font on the list and have all the glyphs in the document from that font highlighted. In other cases, you need to match some text and it would be useful to select it and be able to see which font is used.

    Please add 2D GPU acceleration like in AR8 for win. You can do this in Linux using OpenGL/GLX API. OpenGL 2.0 is able to use vertex/pixel shaders on Radeon and Geforce cards so come on.

    This .i486. extension suggest you build AR8 binaries with optimization for this ancient CPU family. This slowdowns AR8 (which is really slow). Please use “-march=i686” gcc parameter to build AR8 for i686 platform which means AR8 will work faster because the use of MMX and other i686 CPU class features. By adding “-march=i686” AR8 binaries will work with any Intel CPU since Pentium3 and AMD K6 family up to latests.

    I would love to see the following feature.

    Imagine there being another panel for “document views” (much like for bookmarks) which starts out with a single view which just shows a miniature version of what you see in the main window. Now imagine that with a click of a button the currently active view gets cloned, and the duplicate becomes active. Clicking on an inactive view would make it active, and put the main window to that position in the document.

    What this would allow is while reading a document to save a few spots in it to which one could quickly jump. When reading something on paper it’s easy to find such spots (e.g., bibliography section of a paper or a particular figure). I suspect such ability to easily jump between places would be very helpful for on-screen reading.

    Will be appreciate if we can open PDF in file-chooser directly on ftp and wedav server like other gnome applications

    Reloading the file automatically may not always a good idea. In the case of LaTeX typesetting, which was the original motivation for the feature request, the file changes during a long time interval. The PDFTeX processor takes some time to process long documents, all the while writing to the PDF file. With LaTeX almost always several runs of the processor are needed to resolve page references in the document. If AR would reload immediately upon detecting a last-modified change, it might be too early and the PDF may be in an inconsistent, or corrupt, state.
    So, please allow to only reload upon request.
    This might be a command-line option:
    acroread -reload file.pdf
    os simply
    acroread file.pdf
    to reload if the file is already loaded.

    Why not a multilanguages version like all other Gnome applications ? One english and additional languages modules (po format).

    Sure like to see Solaris/Open Solaris on Intel/AMD supported..

    Desperately need support for Solaris x86 platform

    PLEASE reactivate the Solaris x86 version of AR …

    *Please* port the current reader to Solaris x86 – it’s already there on Sparc, so porting to x86 cannot be that hard.


    You provide a version of acroread for Solaris on Sparc, but have not done so for Solaris X86 since 4.05 was released.

    There are currently more downloads of Solaris for X86 than there are for Sparc, although they are close in number. Also, X86 system are far more likely to be used for desktops than a Sparc system would be, as most Sparc systems are servers and not workstations. Although a server may be serving SunRay desktops.

    Compiling for X86 would simply be a matter of recompiling what you have on Sparc, since Solaris is source compatible between platforms. If there is a concern about 32-bit versus 64-bit on X86 simply provide a 32-bit and it will run on any X86 system.

    THe development tools are available for free and the OS starting with Solaris 10 is available for free. Solaris X86 support multi-boot of other OSes via GRUB, so a sible X86 system could be used to develop and test acroread on Solaris, Linux, and Windows if you need to conserve system costs.

    With Solaris Express we now have Evince, but it still does not have all features of acroread. Star Office can provide PDF files for it’s documents, but it is not the same as having distiller with all it’s features. But if you wait much longer both Distiller and Acroread may become irrelevant if they are not made available on all platforms these other tools are.

    Support Solaris/x86+x64!

    Can we *please*, pretty *please* have an Adobe Acrobat reader for (Open)Solaris on x86?! Please.

    Solaris x86 is my current desktop platform and preferred development environment. The lack of a genuine, fully functional PDF reader is a constant, daily headache. And since Adobe already ships Acrobat for SPARC, a copy of the source code should simply compile and link on an x86 platform if the code is reasonably well written.

    Please – even an unsupported beta would work for me.


    Well, just add one more tally mark for Solaris x86/x64 support.

    Yup, definitely Solaris x86 port is a must have this days!
    And I don’t think it is a hassle to do the port.

    +1 vote for acrobat reader on Solaris x86.

    If you guys need help, let us know at opensolaris.org or drop in on #opensolaris.

    Please add a version of the reader for Solaris x86.

    Please please – version for Solaris x86

    I would like to have a version for Solaris x86 please!

    Can you please make Adobe work on Solaris for x86/x64 platforms?

    I would also love to see a Solaris X86 port of Acroread.

    A current version for Solaris X86 / X64 would be outstanding. Largefile support would also be advantageous, though I shudder to think that we might see larger than 2GB PDF’s…

    Multi-threadding, (if it’s not already there), would be awesome. If there was any way to get the reader to render using a user-selectable number of threads, it would greatly help the performance of the reader on heavily multi-threaded systems.

    Thanks for taking the time to listen. 🙂

    A current version for Solaris X86 / X64 would be outstanding. Largefile support would also be advantageous, though I shudder to think that we might see larger than 2GB PDF’s…

    Multi-threading, (if it’s not already there), would be awesome. If there was any way to get the reader to render using a user-selectable number of threads, it would greatly help the performance of the reader on heavily multi-threaded systems.

    Thanks for taking the time to listen. 🙂

    I use Solaris x86, on my laptop, and want to be able to use a more current version of Acroread. The last update I’ve seen is version 4.0 (ancient).

    I would like to get a current acrobat reader for Solaris x86

    I would LOVE to have the latest version of Reader on Solaris x86! I’m still using version 4 :(.

    Please, Please! A Solaris x86 version. Solaris 10 or later is really needed (you can probably forget having to do a S9 or before version)…

    I want a version for Solaris on x86, and so do customers I work with. I can use Evince, but it’s not the same…

    i would like to have a version for Solaris 10 x86

    Not that it hasn’t already been said, but a Solaris x86 version of Acrobat Reader is right at the top of my Adobe wish list. I can’t really whine about other features or better desktop integration until I can actually run it.

    Solaris x86/x64 please!

    Solaris x86/x64 please!

    A version for Solaris x86 has been on the top of my wishlist along side continued Flashplayer 9 support (which has been great BTW). I’m curious given the fairly modest porting effort (mostly a recompile with some other minor tasks) has the estimate for test and support for a Solaris x86 version been that high?

    This is (almost) the tenth birthday of my first request for Acrobat reader for Solaris x86 (19 June 1998)… So, once more: Solaris x86 support, pretty please!


    I look forward to a Solaris x86/x64 version

    I would like to have a version for Solaris x86!!!

    +1 on..
    Please add a version of the reader for Solaris x86.

    We really need a version that works with Solaris x86/x64. Surely this is simply a recompile!

    Please provide a Solaris x86,x64 version of Acrobat Reader with the same functionality as its Sparc sibling.

    A port to Solaris x86 please and then keep it upto date!

    Please release a modern version for Solaris x86/OpenSolaris

    Please add Solaris x86 support.

    Yes, another vote for Solaris x86 support. Solaris 10 and later only is probably sufficient. (I’ve been asking for this for a *very* long time.)

    And +1 to the comments about evince and StarOffice/OpenOffice. I have learned to live with evince’s quirks, but I’d rather have acrobat reader.

    AR for solaris x86 – just say yes !

    Solaris x86 x64 version please

    Yes, Solaris x86 please! I currently use four different pdf readers (xpdf, gpdf, evince and acroread 4), none of which are usable.

    Yet another vote for Solaris x86!

    I’d love to have a (up-to-date) version of Acrobat Reader for Solaris x86/x64!

    Please add support for Solaris x86. It is a major painpoint to have to use evince, gpdf, xpdf and friends.

    Support for Solaris x86. Please! Relying on older versions or Xpdf is not fun!

    I would like to have a version for Solaris x86.

    It would be great to get Adobe Reader for Solaris on x86 and x64 machines.

    Need support for Solaris x86 Platform. Miss the reader on my laptop with solaris. Alternative products are not satisfactory.

    +1 for Solaris x64/x86. That would really be of great help!

    Yay! I was just pointed to this:
    Solaris x86 will happen! 🙂

    Solaris x86 support would be great! Running Adobe Reader over ssh on a remote machine has been my only option till now. It works, but it’s far from ideal.

    Re: Solaris x86 support

    Please look at this link for information on Solaris x86 support.

    I would like to have a version for Solaris x86

    Solaris x86 x64 version over here please!

    I run Solaris Nevada (11) x86 on my laptop and home boxes, and would love an updated Adobe Reader!

    An updated version for Solaris X86 and OpenSolaris should be very useful

    OpenSolaris and Solaris X86 version(s) would be wonderful!

    A possibility to play embedded animations/movies in pdf presentations or at least a nice way to launch external players without using hrefs to shell scripts would be greatly appreciated.

    A version for Solaris 10 x86 and x64 would be very nice.

    OpenSolaris is like Ubuntu. Easy to install. Not having AcrobatReader for x86 seems off!
    Just port the thing! It’s almost a one time effort.

    Go for it! Now.

    I’d like to add another plea for Solaris x86 Support for reader…

    It would be nice to have future versions support more embedded video than the “default” Real Player, preferably allowing the user to select which player to use for formats like .wmv. ( to me, the use of the term default in preferences implies the possibility of another option, but currently, none exists. )

    Can anyone tell me what are the new features are newly added in Adobe reader 8.1.2. Which was not available in 8.1.1 except Vista

    An ordinary bookmark.

    A bookmark is a thing you put into a book to mark your place. When I am reading a long document which has been rendered as a pdf, I rarely complete it in one sitting. It is tedious to hunt through to find out where I reached last time. Typically, the hunt can take one third of the time I have available for the whole reading session.

    Just as DVD players which can’t remember where you stopped watching are more frustrating than worthwhile, for reading long-ish documents, Acrobat Reader is a nuisance.

    Please allow us to have acrobat reader for OpenSolaris x86! Thanks.

    I need Linux support for .etd files.. I dislike using windows, and have many encrypted pdf files that cannot be read. I specifically use Suse and PClinuxOS..

    PLEASE! Can we get .edt support for linux?? I lot of us want to check out electronic books from the library but we don’t have Windows!!

    We absolutely need a reload function. It would be perfect if AR had an auto-reload function. So reloading when the the file has changed. Without losing the current position in the file.


    Could you fit page width to full screen, not height in full screen mode?

    Please consider adding an option to turn off automatic updates. It would be very beneficial for corporate customers who’d like to control the version in use centrally.

    Having acroread go Open Source would be great as well! Adobe could leverage off the community effort in helping solve issues and adding new features.

    I would really like to see color management in acrobat reader for linux. It’s a shame that I have to use acrobat reader for windows with wine to view my color managed pdf’s.

    It would also be very nice if acroreader picked up monitor profile according to the “ICC profiles i X specification”. http://www.burtonini.com/computing/x-icc-profiles-spec-0.2.html

    Thanks for listening

    Please, please, give me a reload
    button (anybody listening? this should not be hard). I don’t need any of the
    more fancy features, just making the program slower. Right now, I have to click [close], then [open], then fix the size and page number. I’d switch to evince for the lack of this simple feature, didn’t that come with other problems.

    I wonder if there are any plans to add support of ebooks for Linux, more and more libraries support EPUB and we Linux users are not able to use it. Seems like more and more started to use Linux when the Micro PCs has been relesed.
    good luck

    1) x86_64 support please. It looks ugly because unable to use my system-wide theme base on 64 bit engine.

    2) Are you really sure that enormous number of plugins need to be enabled by default? _viewer_ MUST be fast. Simply removing plugins i never heard about i increased startup speed dramatically. Please, add their list to configuration options and disable by default.

    Or maybe just have ‘light’ version?

    I am in the military and more often than not I need to use an XPDF reader to fill in my documents. It would be great if Adobe had a good one so I could take my work with me on the road and at home.

    Can we please have F11 as an additional keybinding for switching acroread to full screen mode? (i.e. keep ctrl-L, but add F11 as a keybinding to do the same thing).

    The F11 key is a fairly standardised key binding used by many other gnome apps (e.g. Firefox, Rhythmbox, Songbird, Gnome-Terminal, Epiphany, gThumb, F-Spot, Totem, geany, Eye of gnome, etc etc). So much so, that every time I want to view a PDF in full-screen in acrobat reader, I always find myself trying F11 first (muscle-memory) and being surprised that it doesn’t work. Hopefully a key-binding for this can be added by default in a future version of acroread.

    I would like to have a command line (cli) option to print multiple files in one flow, without loading the acroread gui.
    Maybe it is already possible but i didn’t found a option listed in the help menu for acroread.
    I really would appreciate this function. 🙂

    1. Reloading / Refreshing an opened PDF Document
    2. I want a 64bit version so that I don’t have to use the 32bit emulation thing, which is just extremely buggy – It crashses randomly and it brings down the entire browser.

    To be honest I can’t believe don’t have 1. and 2. yet, 1. was supported ages ago in Evince/Okular and 2. Flash has a 64bit version, I don’t see why we don’t have for reader as well.

    To admin; Please email to your response.

    I see you’re making MDI a priority. PLEASE do so.
    Still, if you go for a tabbed view, remember to make it possible to split the tab.
    I might want to look at two documents, or two versions of the same document, at the same time.
    Imagine that I’m reading a paper, and I need to reference some figure or graphic on some other page…
    Thank you.

    Still waiting for Solaris x86 version of reader …. – any eta ?

    Easiest question for you all day. I know this is a developer forum, but I tried Adobe support and they were of no help, so I searched for a blog about Adobe Reader and this is where it led me. We’re a small travel company with forms that people need to fill out for their trip. Currently we have Reader 8 which we use to post PDFs on our site so people can print them off and mail them in. We would like to upgrade and create forms so people don’t have to mail them in, just enter their info then email it to us. I noticed this is now standard on Reader 9. My boss simply wants to see a PDF form in action on somebody else’s site before we spend the money on the upgrade. Got any examples you can direct me to?
    Thank you very much,
    Kurt Baehmann

    Could you made GUI colors configurable? On dark themes (white fonts on dark backgrounds) the document indexes can not be seen.

    When the keyboard focus is in the Find text box on the toolbar, I would like for the keys such as arrows, PgUp and PgDn to move the focus automatically to the document pane. Every time I search for something and then want to adjust the screen by scrolling it a little, I press arrows keys several times, and when nothing happens, I remember that I have to either click on the document pane or press F6. I don’t see why this would be necessary.

    Adobe reader for Linux x86_64.
    This is the only software I don’t have 64-bit version of.

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