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Adobe Reader on Solaris x86 coming in 2009!

reader_on_solaris_x86After receiving hundreds of requests from users of Adobe Reader to release a version on Solaris x86 platform, here’s something all of you have been waiting to hear – yes, the decision to add this support has been taken and we’re planning to add Solaris x86 to our supported platforms list in the next release of Adobe Reader which might happen in 2009.

This was, of course, not a straightforward decision – there are lots of dependencies that we need to deal with, including third-party dependencies, platform limitations, internal and external dependencies and resource constraints. These constraints are not always apparent but have to be dealt with when a huge product like the Reader needs to be ported to a new platform.

As always, we’re keen on understanding the needs of the users of our product and to do as much as we possibly can. We would like to thank each one of you for persevering, and would request you to continue to provide us with valuable feedback about any and every aspect of the product to help us make it even better! And of course, thanks for your patience!

Update [25 March 2009]: Adobe Reader 9.1 has been released on Solaris x86 and OpenSolaris x86. Please refer this blog post for the release announcement.

On behalf of The Unix Reader Team


    Thank you so much for this !

    We look forward to it ASAP.
    I hope you guy consider providing it though IPS as well.

    Once again, Many Thanks,

    Great news!
    Maybe I should just be thankful but any chance this package could be made available through IPS as well as the standard PKG format?

    Many thanks for supporting this platform, I look forward to running it on my Ultra 20 🙂

    Finally!!! Thanks very very much.

    Thank-you for listening to the huge number of (Open)Solaris users that have been asking for this. It is a same we still have to wait so long but at least now there is something to wait for.

    Thank-you for listening to the huge number of (Open)Solaris users that have been asking for this. It is a shame we still have to wait so long but at least now there is something to wait for.

    Good decision. 🙂 Welcome to Solaris!

    Fantastic news – this has been a big gap in the usuability of Solaris x86 as a desktop platform.

    Be sure to provide a working binary for OpenSolaris (I assume the Solaris 10 x86 binary will run with no problem on OpenSolaris x86?)

    Would very much like to see x86 Solaris Acroread. I am a Desktop specialist for Sun & am involved in both pre-sales & post sales delivery of Sun Ray. I hear from many, many, many customers requesting (nay begging) for x86 Solaris acroread.

    Appreciate your support & decision to release.



    Thanks a lot for providing Adobe Reader on Solaris x86. I’ve been waiting for a current version for a long time.

    Thanks again,


    Thank you very much, this will make life easier for all users of Solaris on x86.


    Very good news.
    Thank you !

    This made my day! Thank you!

    Cool ! Finally I can get of evince and start using my preferred reader on my preferred platform.

    Great decision !

    Really a great piece of news!
    Thank you!

    Good news. Waiting for the real news now. Thanks.

    Adobe has made the Solaris Community members VERY happy with choosing to provide Adobe Reader support on Solaris x86!

    Long live Adobe!!

    Thank you. It is refreshing to hear that big company still listen to their customers.

    I do look forward to that day we’ll have AcroRead on Solaris x86. When you do provide a reader, I will assemble a group of members in the OpenSolaris community and we’ll wash JohnnyL’s car at the Adobe building in downtown San Jose.

    In the meantime, do you think it would be possible that our community could get an unsupported version? 2009 seems like a long ways out…I imagine an unsupported beta of the future release would be well accepted by the OpenSolaris community at large, IMO.

    I’m serious about the car wash, JohnnyL is very fond of car washes…OTOH, I’m not very fond of car washes even for my own car, so I’m not running down to wash his car until we have something. 🙂

    I am thankful that you posted this info, it is encouraging. I use a SPARC system and it has a reader today, albeit quite old. I hope you will update the SPARC version at the same time also. Tell JohnnyL if he doesn’t upgrade the SPARC version we’ll wash his car, but we won’t clean the windows or interior. 🙂

    Thanks you so much for providing this! This will make life much easier for all our Solaris users.

    This is tremendous. I have spoken to more Solaris customers than I can count that have listed this as their #1 missing productivity tool for x86 systems. Thanks!

    Great !!!
    The only thing that really miss in the new OpenSolaris!

    This is great news. It’s been many, many years since Adobe left Solaris on the x86/x64 platforms on the shelf.

    Btw, surely it was *thousands* of people, not just hundreds, who have been asking you for this?

    I hope there’ll be a preview available on labs.adobe.com too.

    Thank you very much!! Acroread 4.05 is too old for viewing modern PDF’s.

    It would be even more awesome if you could put out a “development release” of the existing Adobe Reader for Solaris x86 with the stated expectation that it won’t get any support until the “real” release comes in 2009. Should be just a recompile.. How bad can it be compared to what’s out there now?

    Pretty Please?

    Great, but it’s a long way far from here !! can’t it be sooner ?

    Yippeee! Thanks. Can’t wait until it’s ready.

    About time!

    You should certainly have no shortage of people volunteering to alpha / beta test the reader…


    Great! Plz, make it early 2009.


    This is really great – it will help those who use Solaris as their primary and secure desktop platform. It also shows an increasing public interest in Solaris, so that’s two good news at once!

    Thank You Adobe!

    At last. Thanks for listening to us. I hope this is redistributable by opensolaris distros.

    Yes, We have been waiting for it and please don’t forget the language support for both Traditional and Simplified Chinese.

    Well, I’m happy it’s coming.

    Now, what are the chances of getting a decent Flash implementation??? 🙂

    Thank you people!!! Finally I’ll be able to search my huge documentation straight forward 😀

    Thank you 😀

    Thank you for listening to your customers! This makes us happy, and we feel that you are listening to us users. Win win situation! :o)


    Thanks for the great news !!

    Very much appreciated.

    —>> Adobe, *thank you* for listening. Green light, indeed.
    I’m running OpenSolaris both on SPARC and x86/x64, but the lack of a native Reader Version >= 4.x has been a significant limitation on x86. I’m relieved this milestone of an initial official announcement could be reached.

    And congrats to the OpenSolaris community, which seems to be growing exponentially.

    Thanks a lot.

    You know I’ve been waiting for this since the last acroread 4.0.5 back in Solaris 2.6/7 days. How long is that be..


    Looking forward to seeing more Adobe software ported to Solaris/x86.

    Finally ! Thanks Adobe.

    Thanx a lot to the Unix Reader Team.

    As you can see from the comments everyone is very excited about this.

    It would be good if you could set the expectations right now so that the Solaris x86 folks are not disappointed later.

    – Will this be available in both PKG as well as IPS formats?
    – Will it support both Solaris 10×86 and OpenSolaris? Maybe earlier versions too?
    – Will you release alpha and beta versions before the actual release?

    You may not have the answers for these yet. But please do post them when you do.

    This is a much awaited application for Solaris x86.

    As the leading vendor on Earth who has promoted “PDF” for cross-platform environments, the addition of “Solaris 10 (x86)” cements your hold on that leadership position. Thanks for your positive decision for “Solaris 10 (x86)”.

    That is good news. Solaris x86 is a great operating system. I use it on my laptop now all the time. For business use, I can do almost anything I ever need on Solaris x86. But poor PDF support and the lack of MATLAB are the only problems I personally experience with Solaris x86. Evince, which can read PDF files on Solaris x86 is nowhere near as good as Acroread.

    All I need now is Mathworks to port MATLAB and I will be very happy.

    Thank you !!!

    Thanks, I’ve been waiting for a decent PDF reader on Solaris x86 for a long time.

    Can we also see Japanase PDF
    in 2009?

    Yay! Please make it as early in 2009 as possible!

    Better late than never. Thanks !

    I have been using the Solaris for last 10 years and all the time I have a difficulty with the fact that Adobe Reader is available for SPARC architecture only, and not for x86/x64.
    With the advancements of Opensolaris the installed base of Solaris x86 is overtaking SPARC really fast, and it would be only in Adobe’s interest to expand the coverage.

    If only this would be released in 2008!!!

    Please make your newest Acroread for OpenSolaris, Nexenta, Solaris 10/11, SX:CE and SXDE for the x86 platform in 32-bit and 64-bit versions.

    We want it to work equally well to the WinXP version.

    Thanks, I’ll use GSView and GhostScript while I wait.

    Thanks for the news! Just bought Sun Ultra-40’s and migrated my business to Solaris. Can’t wait to see Adobe Reader running on Solaris x86!

    Hopefully the rest of Adobe’s collection will follow! 😉

    Hi – for those people who are eager to have full Adobe Reader functionality on Solaris/x86 today, Transitive has developed an interim solution that runs Adobe Reader 8.1.2 for Solaris(SPARC) on Solaris/x86 systems. It can be downloaded from:


    This cross-platform virtualization solution will be made available free of charge until Adobe ships its natively-compiled Adobe Reader for Solaris/x86 in 2009.

    More details, including Adobe’s comments about this solution, can be found here:


    Feedback is welcome.


    I hope that you can bring a beta out as soon as possible since we already uses Solaris on AMD and the Gnome readers sucks alot which makes our users need to telnet to Sparc machines for reading some PDF files which makes alot of noise.


    Thank Goodness!!! You don’t know how long I’ve waited for this announcement. Just for that, I’ll be sure to buy more Adobe products.

    @Ian Robinson
    Great work by Transitive – also a great demonstration of the great technology you guys have developed.

    Great news. So good, in fact, that I’m not even going to complain about how long it’s taken! 😉

    This is good news. I was wondering if the Adobe team can leverage work done at the opensolaris/firefox teams which have ported several graphical libraries to Solaris10. Just an idea.

    Thank you guys for this…

    At last! Thank you!

    Nice to see a yes to committment but…
    Your posturing on maybe 2009 release and the list of whys to possible delay makes me wonder on your sincerity to deliver asap.

    Thank You!!
    Adobe Reader 4 for Solaris x86 is way outdated and the UI is too confusing for average users

    Can’t wait till 2009!!! I want AdobeReader!!!

    How great it would be to have a nice PDF reader for the users of my lab, that run Solaris x86 on Sunrays. Thanks !

    2009 is 19 days away. Is there any further update on the schedules since the May 18 posting?


    I appreciate your decision. Especially now that Opensolaris is out. I love it on Ubuntu Linux.

    Apparently Transitive has been bought by IBM and their solution is no longer available… Any update on when in 2009?

    I’ve tried to download the transitive interim solution however the download link just points back to the same page.

    Looks like IBM have acquired transitive and removed the adobe reader download from their website… I wonder what big blue is up to.

    2009 is now here. Anything new on Acroread Solaris x86?

    It’s 2009

    Happy New Year

    The OpenSolaris community has >160000 registered menbers. We have Flashplayer, Realplayer and even multimedia codecs – we’re just waiting on acroread:-)

    Is there a beta program for this release?

    Good news!
    There is something to wait for!

    But. It’s february 2009 now.
    What is the situation with Reader for [Open]Solaris/x86?

    about time LOL!!
    thanks for this,
    it feels like the solaris community were neglected lol

    Do you have the release date? I can help to beta test it if you need a beta user.

    Any word/guess on when acroread for Solaris x86 will be available?

    Please release it soon. We are eagerly waiting..

    Down the left and right of the page is this lovely graphic.


    It show the opensolaris logo. Cool so I can get an OpeSolaris version of Acroread – well not that I can find 🙁

    How about and update on an ETA?

    So when in 2009…
    any specific time/date or should we wait till dec’31 2009.

    What is the status on the Adobe release of the Solaris x86 reader product? I tried reaching Transitive, but it seems they’ve been bought out by IBM.

    i have wait long time, now is 2009 March,but when it release?

    Just remember that the (Open)Solaris Community is a good bunch of folks who can help test stuff out. Is there an Alpha or Beta program where we could get a copy now to test it out. I have some pretty fugly PDFs I could test with..

    It seems it is out there, I’m downloading from


    It works!

    It seems there are some issues with the way the PKG was built (http://www.opensolaris.org/jive/thread.jspa?threadID=98127&tstart=0) but …

    Thanks a LOT!

    I installed adobe 9 on solaris 10 x86. But i have printing problem from adobe reader 9.

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