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8.1.2 Security Update 1 Available

Dear Users,

I’m pleased to announce the immediately availability of the 8.1.2 Security Update 1 for Adobe Reader on Linux and Sparc Solaris platforms. This update is available for all supported languages.

The update includes major security fixes and other critical bug fixes, so go ahead and download this update now from any of the following sources:

[Update 7/22/2008] This Update is now available via Yum. Refer this blog post for details.

Feel free to post your feedback and comments about this security patch.



    I have trouble with the desktop integration on our CentOS 5.2 desktops. There are no acroread menu element, and pdf files have no associated application.

    We are running x86_64 version of the OS and are installing AdobeReader via YUM.
    The desktop is KDE.

    I see that the program end up in /opt/Adobe/Reader8, and the desktop files are located at /opt/Adobe/Reader8/Resource/Support/

    How can I integrate them properly in the system?

    The integration works fine with firefox and thunderbird.

    A big “thank you” for Maggie. I literally spent two days trying to uninstall Adobe Reader 8.1.2 but just couldn’t touch it, rewrite it or download the newer version and the one on my computer refused to work. Maggie your advice worked, my computer is clean and loaded with the new working version now. Thank you

    Probably worth pointing out also that Transitive have packaged acroread solaris-sparc with their technologies to make acroread available on solaris-x86…

    I look forward to a native opensolaris-x86/64 version next year 🙂

    Well, 8.1.2 SU1 didn’t fix the high CPU usage with ld-linux.SO.2. Totally reproducible for me in Kubuntu 8.04. It’s been almost a year now…how hard can this be? Now I have to uninstall this broken Adobe Reader and go back to KPDF or XPDF.

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