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Adobe Reader 8.1.3 (Linux / Sparc Solaris) Released

Dear Users,

I’m pleased to announce the immediately availability of Adobe Reader version 8.1.3 on Linux and Sparc Solaris platforms. This update is available for all supported languages.

The update includes critical security fixes and fixes to other user reported issues. Go ahead and download this update now from any of the following sources:

[Update 11/6/2008] This Update is now available via Yum. Refer this blog post for details.

Feel free to post your feedback and comments about this dot release.


    Where can I a list of the fixes in this release?

    It looks like the clipboard issue on KDE is still unresolved with 8.1.3 (just downloaded it). However, the problem appears to be an interaction with the KDE Klipper clipboard management program.
    If I clear the clipboard history for Klipper, I can copy into the clipboard from acroread.
    If I quit Klipper, I no longer have a one-copy-only problem: copying works normally.

    Why not a 64bit version?

    Even flash has a 64bit version now, that I’m enjoying.


    I’m having an “issue” attempting to install 8.1.3 on Fedora 9. It seems to go OK for a while and then gets “stuck” in a program called “install_browser”, consuming 100% of the CPU for, at this point, 15 minutes. Normally I’m pretty patient but that seems a little, shall we say, excessive. Is this a “known” problem?

    Any notification on when Solaris x86 version will be available to beta test, or whether there is some kinda time-line?

    We use Digital Signatures and it’d be real good to be able to run this on our Sunrays, rather than tell people they have to talk to the Windows guys.

    Hello there,

    Thanks for doing the good work of maintaining the Reader. Here’s a little problem we have run into. This PDF – actually, its first page, to narrow it down – can not be printed from the latest version of the Reader (8.1.3) on OpenSuSE 10.3. Here’s the link to the PDF:


    It can be printed from the reader on MacOS X as well as through various utilities on Linux (evince, Kpdf, etc.)

    Any help sorting this out would be greatly appreciated.

    I am vey new in useing the computer. I have adobe reader 8.1.3 installed on my computer. Is it a good idea to also install adobe acrobat 8.1.3? Thank you


    This version still have the problem that do not print multiple copies of the PDF.

    When do you expect a 64-bit Linux version for Adobe Reader and its browser plugin?

    When do you expect a 64-bit Linux version for Adobe Reader and its browser plugin?

    64-bit browser plugins are available for Adobe Flash Player (10 alpha) and SUN Java SE (1.6.0 Update 12)

    Are there plans for a 64-bit version being made available for Linux? I am much more interested in getting a 64-bit build of 8.1.3 than seeing version 9.


    Nise program

    Do I see it correctly that the Linux version doesn’t support digital signature and timestamp verification?

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