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Sneak Preview of Adobe Reader 9.x on Linux and Solaris x86

The wait is, well, almost over. Here’s a sneak preview of the upcoming 9.x version of Adobe Reader for Linux and Solaris x86 platforms. You read that right – the 9.x version of the Reader will be available on Solaris x86 and OpenSolaris platforms, in addition to Linux!

We know that you’ve all been waiting, but believe me the wait is well worth it. Very soon you will be able to enjoy the new features of the 9.x version of Adobe Reader, including support for Tabbed Viewing, PDF Portfolios, Reload a PDF, Shared Reviews, and much more!

Sneak Preview of the Tabbed Viewing interface in Adobe Reader 9.x (on Ubuntu)


Sneak Preview of a PDF Portfolio in Adobe Reader 9.x (on OpenSolaris)
(Click on the image below to load the movie)
Portfolios on OpenSolaris

Stay tuned to this space for further details on this upcoming release. Comments or suggestions? Feel free to let us know!

Update [25 March 2009]: Adobe Reader 9.1 has been released on Linux and Solaris x86. Please refer this blog post for the release announcement.

On behalf of the The Unix Reader Team


    Will there be an Adobe Reader 9.x x86_64 version?

    Looks great! I hope Reader 9 will be on the Canonical Partner repository for Ubuntu like Flash 10 is.

    i need 64 bit version too. hope there will be.

    I hope there will be GPU 2D acceleration known from AR9 for WinXP. On Linux It may be done using Render X extension or OpenGL 3.0 or CUDA. There are possibilities. Just use them.

    Another thing is ugly icons for Adobe document types. Please paint high resolution icons instead of upscaled lo res pictures. See Adobe/Reader8/Resource/Icons/192×192
    directory and compare icons stored there looking at real sizes by clicking them to open in picture viewer. AdobeReader8.png is OK but look at rest: ugly, full of squares with lame dithering. On high resolution desktop when I see Adobe icons together with other icons these Adobe are really ugly because of these squared pixels. Please fix also other icon folders, not only 192×192.

    Would like to express same sentiments as Dave, or at least a .deb version

    Acroread is needed for reading a number of pdfs but I find it bloated and not well tailored for linux yet. Startup time is still pretty bad and it takes a good amount of system-resources. Hopefull 9.x fixes some of these.

    Looks nice! Acroread is good for reading just about any pdf in linux, thanks to people at Adobe that make this possible. Under 8.x startup times took awhile, has this been improved with 9.x?

    I’m waiting for this release.,.
    Please provide x86_64 version.

    That’s wonderful.

    #1 Thank you and Adobe for working on this.

    #2 Thank you and Adobe for working on this.

    #3 Will the print dialog box be a native gnome Solaris print dialog box?

    That’s great。

    I am an OpenSolaris user and I really thank you for the effort you put into this. One request is to put the software into respective repositories so that end-users can use the software easily. Thanks.

    Many many thanks for the OpenSolaris x86/64 product. It has been a long time coming but I know look forward to full and complete support 🙂

    Hoping that Sun will get this into their ‘Extra’ repository alongside flash so as to make keeping current and up to date easier.

    Thanks again!

    It’s been a while, but thanks for the new release on Solaris.

    I use opensolaris. This is *great*!

    Great. Thanks a lot for the efforts. Don’t need acrobat on Wine any more.

    You didn’t tell us this was released!

    Wow …


    thank you for your hard work at porting adobe reader to opensolaris.

    It is so absolutely cool to finally have a modern Acrobat Reader for Solaris x86 ! Mucho thanks !

    I wonder – what is it with Adobe and 64-bit systems? Do they have some sort of 64-bit-paranoia, or are their developers just not good enough? 2009, and still no 64-bit Adobe Reader or Adobe Reader browser plugin, and 64-bit Flash is so slow (and eats such a lot of system resources) it hurts. Bloatie heaven!

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