AIR for TV apps documentation available

If you are developing AIR applications for Adobe AIR for TV, or want to be, check out this Adobe Developer Connection page:  Flash Platform for TV.  You’ll find FAQs, tutorials, demos, and documentation to get you going.

A few documentation highlights include:

The StageVideo class

AIR for TV devices use hardware accelerators to decode and present video, which provide the end-user a great viewing experience while off-loading the device’s CPU.  To take advantage of this video hardware, use the StageVideo ActionScript class instead of the Video class in your application. Read more about the StageVideo class in:

AIR for TV profile support

A device profile defines the set of APIs and capabilities typically supported on a particular class of device.  Your AIR for TV applications will use either the tv or extendedTV profile.  To get an overview of what’s supported in these profiles, see Building Adobe AIR Applications — Device profiles.

Packaging your AIR for TV application

For information about how to package your AIR for TV app, see Developing AIR applications for television devices.

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