Examples of Native extensions for Adobe AIR

Looking for some examples of native extensions for Adobe AIR?

Please see Native extensions for Adobe AIR on the Adobe Developer Connection.

This page lists three sample extensions developed by Adobe to help you learn how to create your own extensions. With native extensions, an AIR application developer, using ActionScript, can take advantage of platform-specific and device-specific native capabilities.

The examples include:

  • Vibration — From ActionScript, an AIR app can make an iOS or Android device vibrate.
  • Gyroscope — From ActionScript, an AIR app can access the gyroscope data of an iOS or Android device.
  • NetworkInfo — From ActionScript, an AIR app can get information about the network interfaces of an iOS device

Obviously, “from ActionScript” is the key. The extension’s ActionScript code interfaces with the extension’s native code, so that the AIR app developer only has to use ActionScript.

The ADC page also includes a link to a great example by Sean Fujiwara. His example uses .NET to efficiently  transcode BitmapData objects into .bmp, .jpg, and .png formats.  We hope to add more examples from the community soon.


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