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Pen tablet native extension example

Sean Fujiwara recently posted a native extension for Adobe AIR at AIR 3 Native Extension Example – PenTablet.

This extension lets an AIR application get the pressure sensitivity data from a Wacom Intuos 4 pen tablet on Windows 7.  It’s a good example of a Windows native extension that handles Windows messages and uses a native library — in this case, the pen tablet’s library.

Sean also provided another native extension for Windows that encodes a bitmap into BMP, JPEG, or PNG format using Microsoft .NET Framework 4.  See  AIR 3 Native Extension Example – ImageProcessor.

You can see more examples and tutorials of native extensions at the Adobe Developer Connection page

Detailed documentation about creating extensions is at Developing native extensions for Adobe AIR.

To use a native extension in your AIR application, see Using native extensions in AIR applications.

Native JSON API released

The Flash Player 11/AIR 3.0 (Serrano) release fulfills a long-standing developer request by introducing a native ActionScript JSON API. With this API, you can import and export objects using JSON encoding. Native JSON functionality correlates closely with the ECMA-262 (5.1 Edition) specification for JSON. Because of this, its syntax is somewhat different from the third-party as3corelib JSON library. You can find out more about these differences in community member Todd Anderson’s blog posting at the Infrared5 company blog.

The API itself consists of a top-level class named JSON. This class provides two methods: stringify() for encoding, and parse() for decoding JSON strings. The JSON feature also supports toJSON() member functions in any class. Visit the official documentation at these locations:

ActionScript 3.0 Reference
ActionScript 3.0 Developer’s Guide

Native extension detailed documentation

With the announcement of AIR 3 and its new native extension feature, detailed documentation about using Native Extensions for Adobe AIR is available now at:

Developing native extensions for Adobe AIR

You’ll find:

– Overview and conceptual information

– How to use the C and Java native extension APIs, plus reference pages

– How to package your native extension using ADT

– Details on the Extension Descriptor file

– Information on using Android shared libraries, and using resources on Android and iOS

If you are using a native extension in your AIR application, see:

Using native extensions in AIR applications

For lots of examples and tutorials, see this Adobe Developer Connection page: