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Improvements and New Features for Adobe ActionScript API Reference (ASDoc)

The ActionScript® 3.0 Reference for the Adobe® Flash® Platform is the API reference for many Adobe products, including Flash Player and AIR. The latest release of the Platform ActionScript Reference ( contains SEO enhancements, performance improvements, and other new features:

  • Search improvements – The team implemented several SEO recommendations from our Search team (big thanks to Steven Ganczaruk, Dave Lloyd, Warren Lee, and Mohammud Sayeeduddin) to improve the search results ranking of ASDoc pages in Google search.
  • What’s New – We added a “What’s New” page, which lets you see what is new for a specific product or runtime for each new platform/runtime release. This has been a popular request for a long time, and we’re happy to push it live. To see this in action, go to
  • ASDoc on tablet browsers – The team made several changes in ASDoc to improve usability of the reference documentation when viewed in tablet browsers (iOS, Android). Note: While table support is much improved, we still have a long ways to go. If you encounter problems viewing the Platform ASR on your table browser, please post the specifics as a comment on this page. Your feedback will help us identify and prioritize the bugs in this area.
  • Code samples – Many pages now contain a More examples heading, under which we provide links to usage docs that contain code examples.
  • Quality – Over 30 bug fixes!

Although Stephen Gilson is no longer with Adobe, I’d like to thank him for all of his work as ASDoc Product Manager, and for driving these features to completion. I’d also like to acknowledge the ASDoc development team: Vivek Reddy Polem, Shashi Ranjan, Suman Kumar Thakur, Sushant Gupta, Bhanu Kumar, Nitin Arora, and Anup Rav; and also like to welcome Dhwaj Agrawal to the group!

– Randy Nielsen