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Flash ActionScript Reference search tips

I don’t know how many of you have had to deal with SEO, but if you have, you know that it’s an iterative, sometimes painful, process. Two steps forward, one step back; One step forward, two steps back; unintended side-effects; etc., etc., … a real learning experience.

Anyway, last summer, you may have noticed that SEO for content in the ActionScript Reference (ASR) was getting worse, and worse, … and worse. Finally, with help from the ASDoc team (in particular, Anup Rav and Dhwaj Agrawal) and Adobe’s SEO Dream Team (in particular Steven Ganczaruk, Dave Lloyd, and Mohammud Sayeeduddin) we were able to isolate and fix a variety of problems, and I’m thrilled to say that SEO for the ActionScript Reference is much, much better. For the last three months, page views have been up 10% each month and they continue to go up; improvements I attribute to visitors coming from search engines.

So now that SEO is straightened out, here are a few tips that will help hone in on what you’re looking for:

  • Last summer we added product names to the <title> tag text. For classes in the flash.* and flashx.* packages, the product name is AS3. So now, if you prefix (or append) AS3 to your search, the ASR pages should be at or near the top of your search results. Go ahead, take a minute to search for your favorite ActionScript class, adding AS3 to the search string. It’s so much better than it was.
  • Given our SEO fixes, this isn’t as important as it was, but I encourage everyone to learn to use the site: command, which restricts a search to pages under a specified site. You can use the site: command for all your searches, not just for ActionScript documentation, and I think you’ll find it useful.

Thanks. Have a great weekend!