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Putting the Community in community help

Check out all the great new links we’ve added to community help:

New to AIR Native Extensions?

Looking to get started using Native extension? Here’s a quick primer with links to more resources. What the heck are AIR Native Extensions?

Looking for ActionScript examples? Try this

There are tons of awesome code snippets and examples in the ActionScript Reference and ActionScript Developer guide. Learn about the enhancements we’re working to make it easier to find examples:

Putting the “Community” in community content

Over the past year we’ve been out in the community listening to issues and gathering content. The results of our labors have been  links and code samples added to our help pages. While we feel this makes our content more dynamic, it doesn’t do much unless you know it there. So, in an effort to get  more eyes on all this great community content, we’re spicing up our pages in a couple of ways:

In the spirit of giving credit where credit is due, here’s a list of some of authors we’ve highlighted so far:
If you have a great tutorials, videos or code sample you want to share, send it along. We’d love to add it to our content so everyone can benefit from your expertise.