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You can log in to one of the Community Help pages and add comments, expanding on the content in any topic. Or from any relevant page (or pages), you can add links to your article or blog that provides more detail.

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Also, this page lists other ways that you can contribute to Adobe Community Help: Community Help contributions.

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The importance of providing an update mechanism in an AIR application

Applications provide updates for many reasons, including bug fixes, security patches, and new functionality. This holds true for AIR applications as well.

Adobe ships occasional update versions of Adobe AIR. And Adobe AIR applications can take advantage of new features and bug fixes in new versions of the runtime.

Also, new versions of Adobe AIR may include updated versions of WebKit (the HTML rendering engine in AIR). This may change the behavior or appearance of HTML content in an AIR application. For example, improvements or corrections in WebKit may change the layout of HTML elements in an AIR application’s user interface.

It is important to provide an update mechanism in your application. When you update your application, the application can inform the user of the new update version. Should you need to update your application due to a change in the WebKit version included in AIR, the update mechanism will let your users know about the new version of your application.

AIR includes a update framework, which simplifies the task of managing update versions and adding appropriate user interface in your AIR application.

For more information, see “Updating AIR applications” in the AIR developer’s guides:

Also, these “Quick Start” sample applications show how to use the update framework: