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Examples, examples, and more examples

When we ask ActionScript developers what they want from the Flash Platform documentation team, their consistent answer is: more examples. There is no such thing as enough when it comes to code examples that developers can use to learn the language, solve specific problems, and share ideas with others who are working on similar applications.

The secret: our existing ActionScript 3 documentation actually HAS a decent range of examples. The problem is that these examples are somewhat well hidden. To solve this problem, we’ve analyzed pathing info (provided by Adobe’s Omniture acquisition) that tells us what users are searching for, where they are looking, and how we can help them find what they need.

The ActionScript 3 Developer’s Guide‘s appendix (How to use ActionScript examples) explains how to work with different types of  examples. Until recently, this appendix did not make it easy to find the ZIP file that contains the example source, never mind explanations of the functionality that each example demonstrates. Here is a link to the examples ZIP, followed by a list of examples and their explanations. Let us know what you’d like to see added to the list.

Example ZIP file: Flash Professional CS5 and Flex 4 samples

List of examples: