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Alumni Feature: My Favourite Animal, ADAA 2011

It is always a pleasure to hear about what our ADAA alums are getting up to. Lara Lee, a winner in the Animation category 2011, hailing from Daegu in Korea tells us a little bit about her ADAA experience.  Lara studies illustration and animation at Royal College of Art in London.  She draws, documents memories, reads and is a self-proclaimed story teller, and trinket collector.


Lara Lee

Lara Lee


When she was in Uni in Seoul, Lara was encouraged to be aware of influential international design competitions. Excited to share her first proper animation to the ADAA community and the world, she submitted her graduation project – four digitally drawn pieces – at the very end of the third round of judging.  Lara enjoyed the other submissions so much that she wasn’t expecting her own animation to be announced a winner.


Since what she describes as an exciting, mind-opening and unforgettable ADAA experience, Lara has participated in a group exhibition, studied sound and image juxtaposition for her dissertation and term projects, and is now preparing her RCA graduation project.  The ADAA experience has left a lasting impression on her work, influencing and honing the approach she takes to her future practice.  The experience has also shaped her opportunities as a designer by exposing her to a priceless network of students, faculty and judges in the ADAA community and countless opportunities for meaningful feedback.


What is Lara’s advice to design students such as herself? “Definitely read watch, share and be as productive as much as possible.” Her hopes are that the design world will become more hybrid and foster diversity, creating space for myriad opportunities for artists and designers, while also keeping society’s best interest at heart.