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ADAA12 Awards Ceremony: Part I

We couldn’t have imagined a better time – amazing, talented designers from all over the world, meet in a vibrant city to celebrate their achievements and make connections that will last a lifetime! 

The 2012 ADAA went to Toronto to hand out 16 beautiful trophies to some very deserving young designers and design faculty.

Upon settling in our hotel at the base of the CN Tower and overlooking the Rogers Centre stadium, we were ready to explore the city and get to know some of the local industry leaders.  The ADAAers were off to TIFF Bell Lightbox for a special presentation by Pixar’s Susan Bradley.  That evening, the Finalists visited top design studios around Toronto – and got to meet and chat with Creative Directors, entrepreneurs and designers…not to mention, see some of the coolest offices around!

The people of Grip Limited sure have figured out the best way to get to work!
Photo courtesy of Jacklyn Atlas

More gorgeous studios!
Photo courtesy of Jacklyn Atlas

Toronto Studio Tours

Studio Tours
Photo courtesy of Jacklyn Atlas


The next two days were filled with inspiring and interesting talks at the RGD DesignThinkers (DT) conference – with mindblowing presentations from the likes of Harry Pearce and Tom Eslinger and so many others!  Everyone had that invigorated look in their eyes, when new ideas begin to flash and new projects begin to formulate!  We cannot wait to see where this momentum takes our ADAAers!


The whole event was incredibly inspiring. I feel energised and ready to start jumping into the professional design world. The ADAA and DesignThinkers also showed me that there is so much out there, so many directions I can take my work in and so many people ready to use, share, critique, praise and play with the things I create. The volume and range of creativity all concentrated into the people at the event was mind blowing, and if I were to now have to choose a place to host the Awards, Toronto would be at the top of my list, for the amount of design work there, and the energy the city has.
– ADAA12 Game Design Winner Mitchell Brien

DesignThinkers 2012
Photo by Spencer Xiong


In between the sessions, we mingled in the ADAA Gallery, which had on display all Finalist work.  The word on the street (errrr..convention center lobby) was that the ADAA designers were nothing less than impressive!  The delegates cast their votes for the Audience Choice Award and got to choose their personal standout design!


Zhongxuan Liu stands proud by her work!
Photo courtesy of Jacklyn Atlas

Hanging out in the ADAA Gallery!

Pablo Jiminez shows off his project and his good humor!
Photo courtesy of Jacklyn Atlas


We celebrated the first DT night on the Thomson Hotel rooftop, with a magnificent panoramic view of Toronto.  This was but a taste of what was to come the next day!


Overlooking downtown Toronto from the Thompson Hotel rooftop.

Look at this crew! ADAA12 Finalists on top of the world!


Stay tuned for Part II of the Toronto experience: hanging out with Stephan Sagmeister, the TROPHIES!, and climbing the CN Tower!