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42 Finalists Announced – 2015 Adobe Design Achievement Awards

Adobe is proud and excited to announce the finalists for the 2015 Adobe Design Achievement Awards. For 15 years, the ADAA has showcased top new talent and launched careers from around the world – recognizing over 15,000 aspiring creative professionals and empowering the student community to present and celebrate their best work.
Industry heavy hitters – including Adobe’s Executive Creative Director, AJ Joseph – reviewed over 600 semi-finalists from 37 countries and 171 institutions to distinguish 42 finalists across 13 categories:

“I remember my first big break when I got something into the NewMedia Invision Awards, and it really launched my career. Just the chance to present a talented man or woman with that same opportunity is rewarding and inspiring, because it makes you appreciate your own journey more.”

– Bradley G Munkowitz – Designer + Director @ GMUNK

“I typically look for the narrative – ‘what’s the story?’. But, we also have to look beyond and ask if there’s a strong theoretical underpinning – a craft. There has to be a real attention to detail, and there also has to be heart.”

– Nathan Moody – Co-Founder and Design Director of STIMULΛNT


Photography – Honorable Mention: WHISPER – Chen Wu 


Illustration – Finalist: No Thing – Daphne Christoforou


Photography – Honorable Mention: Anticipate – Naomi Jansen


Illustration – Finalist: Hole in the Bucket – Deshi Deng


Packaging – Finalist: Backhouse – Yuna Yoshida 


A full list of finalists and their work can be found on the Adobe Design Achievement Awards website. 

Winners will be announced on September 4, 2015.

Adobe Design Achievement Awards Announces Session 2 Semifinalists

The Adobe Design Achievement Awards (ADAA) in partnership with ico-D, International Council of Design, have announced the Session II Semifinalists.

Adobe Design Achievement Awards Session 2 Semifinalists Motion Graphics

Adobe Design Achievement Awards Session 2 Semifinalists Motion Graphics

Celebrating 15 consecutive years, the ADAA contest seeks to discover and recognize inspiring creative projects from student designers, photographers, animators, and digital filmmakers.

The contest closed in June with 2,617 design entries submitted by higher education students from around the world. The Semifinalist entries represent a total of 31 countries. 454 entries were selected for the Semifinalist Session II round, along with 178 entries from Session I. The 632 entries and are now being shown in the ADAA Live Entries Gallery, celebrating a vast variety of student creativity.  Entries can be sorted by Semifinalist standings, country, or institution. The ADAA Live Entries Gallery also includes images from all entries submitted by every participating student in the contest.

Adobe Design Achievement Awards Semifinalists Session 2 Illustration

Adobe Design Achievement Awards Semifinalists Session 2 Illustration

The work was selected by a semifinalist judging panel, comprised of 29 professionals from the ico-D, International Council of Design community. Panelists are from 10 countries including the UK, Netherlands, Canada, Dubai, Poland, Israel, Germany and South Korea.

Semifinalist entries will be reviewed over the course of two days during the Adobe Design Achievement Award 2015 official judging, August 11-12, 2015.  The judges will select finalists from the collective 632 semifinalist entries, across 13 categories of design.  The ADAA 2015 category finalists will be announced on August 24, 2015. Winners will be announced on September 4, 2015.  Grand Prize Winners will be announced during the Awards screening in conjunction with Adobe MAX to be held in Los Angeles, October 3-7, 2015.

Adobe Design Achievement Awards Session 2 Semifinalists Animation

Adobe Design Achievement Awards Session 2 Semifinalists Animation

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