Did You Know?!

As the deadline is fast approaching (competition closes in less than two weeks!!!) we are getting many daily questions from applicants.  We thought it would be useful for everyone to do a post on the topic to share with you all!

Here are some important tips and guidelines:

  • Each contestant can submit up to (3) three different projects in each category.
  • Each contestant can submit projects in as many categories as they like!  The only limitation is that you cannot apply to a category in which you already hold Semi-Finalist status.
  • If you submitted your project to a previous Session and it did not get selected for the Semi-Final round, you can re-submit the same project again, BUT it has to be changed or updated somehow.
  • You can see the www.adobeawards.com website and application form in 14 languages.  Use the drop-down menu at the top of the page.
  • Even if you are a recent graduate, you can submit work that was created after May 1, 2011, if you were a student at the time of its completion.
  • We encourage all contestants to submit more than one project!  Send us all your end of term work!
  • We encourage group projects!
  • Entries into the Application and Game categories do not need to be functional!  Send in your amazing concepts.
  • There are (3) three categories that are just for faculty!  Know an innovative educator?  Get them to send in their projects!
  • You can download fully functional trial versions of the Adobe software you will need to make or finish your project on our website.  Your entry must be created primarily using Adobe tools (50% or more).

And last but not least – the ultimate piece of important information that you should write on sticky notes all around your desk:

  • Final deadline is 22 June 2012, 17:00PST!!!

Hope that helps!  If you have any more questions, feel free to drop them in the comments.

– The ADAA Team

2 Responses to Did You Know?!

  1. David Goh says:

    Hey guys, just checking: one of my work (a video) contains sound effects that are licensed as Attribution under Creative Commons. I’ve added credit referencing to the creators of the work at the end of the video – do I still need to secure a release from them?

    • jmilovic says:

      Hi David! Thanks for your question.

      We require a release for all content/media that is not your own creation. If you cannot obtain the rights to the material, you can change your entry and replace it with something similar and copyright free.

      Best of luck in the competition!