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2013 Adobe Design Achievement Awards Ceremony To Be Held In New York City

Adobe is thrilled to announce the 2013 Adobe Design Achievement Awards (ADAA) finalists and honorable mention recipients!  Running for thirteen consecutive years, the ADAA global contest continues to receive thousands of quality submissions every year, maintaining its benchmark reputation for recognizing the best work of student design.

ADAA 2013 Judges, left to right: Harry Pearce, Partner, Pentagram UK, Matias Corea, Co-founder and Chief of Design at Behance, and Phoebe Glasfurd, Creative Director and co-founder Glasfurd & Walker

ADAA 2013 Judges, left to right: Harry Pearce, Partner, Pentagram UK, Matias Corea, Co-founder and Chief of Design at Behance, and Phoebe Glasfurd, Creative Director and co-founder Glasfurd & Walker

Talented students from around the world, were invited to submit their work, hoping to achieve semifinalist status – or better. Panelists and official judges, representing ten different countries, contributed their unique perspectives, when set to the task of selecting the most innovative student designs.  Twenty-eight semifinalist panelists, and eight official judges weighed in, culminating with an intensive official two-day judging process.

This year, the ADAA received 3,752 submissions from 55 countries. The work was judged on design creativity and the students’ ability to apply Adobe products during the execution of their piece.  From the 3752 entries, the judging panel selected 1,100 semifinalist entries.  The semifinalists were then invited to submit their work into the finalist round.  From the 1,100 entries, 30 finalists and 22 honorable mention recipients were selected, hailing from Belgium, Canada, China, France, Germany, Great Britain, Israel, Japan, Korea, Poland, Thailand, Taiwan and the United States.


The ADAA Online Gallery showcases the selected finalist and honorable mention work with the world.  The ADAA Gallery will provide each finalist with their own designer profile. And, in celebration of the ADAA finalist announcement, Adobe has posted a brand new sneak-peek video of the honored work.

ADAA 2013 Judges, left to right:  Peter Højer, Head of Design, Cargocollective; Mikael Kanfi, Partner and Chief Product Officer, Twist Image; Mike Kus, Graphic designer, illustrator, UI Designer

ADAA 2013 Judges, left to right:
Peter Højer, Head of Design, Cargocollective; Mikael Kanfi, Partner and Chief Product Officer, Twist Image; Mike Kus, Graphic designer, illustrator, UI Designer

This year, the ADAA competition features eleven categories of design, across three media segments.  Each media segment will also recognize one Grand Prize winner.  Category and Grand Prize winners will be announced on November 19, 2013, at the Adobe Design Achievement Awards ceremony and dinner, to be held in conjunction with the Adobe Create Now World Tour.  Winners will receive a 1-year membership to Adobe Creative Cloud, cash, and travel to NYC.

Adobe congratulates the 2013 finalists, and encourages everyone to join us, in the celebration of the next generation of innovative designers, by posting comments to their ADAA Gallery pages.  You can also follow their journey at ADAA Facebook and Twitter channels, #ADAA13


Download the complete list of ADAA recognized student designers here.

Adobe Design Achievement Awards Mentorship Program






2013 Mentorship Program to Provide Guidance to Hundreds of Student Designers

In addition to cash prizes, recognition, and Adobe software, the Adobe Design Achievement Awards contest has offered mentorships to ADAA category winners since 2009. The ADAA mentorship program is offered in partnership with Icograda, the International Council of Communication Design organization.  Icograda is an integral partner with the ADAA program, seeking out the most proactive mentors, from the many visionary designers in their international network.

Over the past few years, the ADAA-Icograda mentorship program has touched the lives of over 60 student designers, by providing category winners with valuable insight for building their burgeoning careers.

This year, Icograda, Adobe, and the ADAA Board Members launched a more ambitious program…  Instead of offering a mentorship, specific to only the twelve ADAA category winners, Icograda brought forth an exciting bold move – to reach more student designers than ever before.

In celebration of Icograda’s 50th anniversary, the organization designed the 50-for-50 mentorship program structure.  There will be 50 student designers provided with 5-month mentorships by industry professionals, plus, there will be an additional 450 portfolio reviews provided.   The team at Icograda, is currently creating a panel of fifty industry professionals.  Each industry professional will be working with 10 students each.  In addition, every ADAA 2013 category winner will automatically receive a 12-month mentorship opportunity.

Todd Anderson, contributing industry mentor, commented, “It will be an absolute honour to collaborate with students and offer insight, experience or inspiration to young creatives.  Design education is something that is very close to me. When I started out in my career, I was very fortunate to have been involved in similar programs and I fully understand the value that this offers.”  -Todd Anderson, Creative Director for Todd Anderson Design/CTTC Design

The full reach of the ADAA mentorship program will touch 512 student designers over the course of the next 12 months.

During the ADAA submission period, over one third of the ADAA participants expressed their interest in receiving an evaluation for inclusion in the mentorship program. This week, industry mentors will begin selecting students of whom they’d like to offer guidance or a portfolio review.  Mentors will be selecting students based on skill and their ability to demonstrate creative, innovative, and inspired design adaptions.

Together with Icograda, the ADAA team is proud to help foster, support, and build programs that enhance educational and career development.  Selected students who receive a mentorship or portfolio review will be announced on the ADAA contest website, the Partners By Design portal, and ADAA social channels in October. We’ll keep you posted!

Adobe Design Achievement Awards Alumni Participate in Global World Communication Design Day

JCDecaux, in partnership with Icograda, the International Council of Communication Design, invite ADAA alumni to join in the celebration of World Communication Design Day.

JCDecaux, in partnership with Icograda, the International Council of Communication Design showed 50 posters from 50 designers across The Cromwell Road Digital Gateway in London, April 27 – 29, 2013.  In celebration of World Communication Design Day, JCDecaux and Icograda invited promising design talent from five continents, including countries such as the UK, Canada, China, South Korea, Mexico, Germany, and Russia, to share their work on the Digital Gateway.

The Cromwell Road Digital Gateway in London shows work from designers worldwide.

The Cromwell Road Digital Gateway in London during World Communication Design Day.

The digital billboard gallery showcased work along The Cromwell Road Digital Gateway for three days, allowing motorists to experience visual designs created by some of the most exceptional burgeoning designers.  The sky was their limit, as designers were able to celebrate design in a grand scale, for the out of doors.  Each of the unique designs rotated multiple times across the nine digital billboard screens during the 3-day show, viewed by an estimated 350,000 people.


Under the theme, 1Love1Word original creative design work was selected from some of the most innovative designers from all over the world. Icograda extended this very rare opportunity to the Adobe Design Achievement Awards alumni, and encouraged some past ADAA winners and finalists to join the celebration by contributing their adaptation of ‘1Love1Word’ to the Digital Gateway collection.

1Love1Word by LABOR, ADAA group winner 2006

1Love1Word by LABOR, ADAA group winners 2006

Marilena Farruggia, Managing Director of Icograda, noted, “The initiative stemmed from people coming together with a spirit of collaboration and passion for design. This was an example of young talent taking a risk and turning an idea into reality, and that’s what Icograda was built on – the spirit of possibility.  The theme, ‘1Love1Word’ was envisioned by members of our Board… and you will see other initiatives this year celebrating this theme. We hope that young talent will be inspired to try… to aim high and make things happen, instead of waiting for something to happen.”

ADAA 2012 winners and design studio, Butcher’s Hook, seized the opportunity extended by Icograda to participate in World Communication Design Day.  James Coltman of the London-based design studio stated, “This is an amazing platform to really get your work out there; to share it for other people, to see it, and actually engage with it. The fact that these digital billboards are here is a ‘sign’ that technology is moving forward, and the fact that we’ve been a part of that journey is just amazing.”

1Love1Word by Butchers Hook, ADAA group winner 2012

1Love1Word by Butchers Hook, ADAA group winner 2012

The Digital Gateway collection included work from ADAA alumni such as Andrej Balaz, James Coltman, Seungkwan Kang, Andrea Ramirez, Stephan Powilat, Nada Seet, Kirsten Southwell, Mathias Vogel, and Anna Zarinova among others.

1Love1Word by Andrej Balaz, ADAA finalist 20012

1Love1Word by Andrej Balaz, ADAA finalist 20012





ADAA winners from 2006, Stephan Powilat and Mathias Vogel from Germany were invited to participate.  Powilat commented, “At LABOR, our goal is to create the most succinct work as possible. The theme, “1Love1Word” was especially inspiring to us because it aligns with our own design mission perfectly.“

Vogel added,  “…we recognized this unique opportunity where designers were able to come together to create, collaborate and celebrate design in a worldwide forum, and we feel strongly that this will be the direction of global design, moving forward.”

1Love1Word by LABOR, ADAA group winner 2006

1Love1Word by LABOR, ADAA group winner 2006






The Adobe Design Achievement Award team would like to extend congratulations to Icograda for their milestone of leading creatively for 50 years.  Icograda is continuing their year-long celebration, and they continue to invite designers from across the globe, to reflect upon the powerful force of community, empowerment and creative leadership. We encourage the ADAA community to join in their celebration of dynamic creativity.

1Love1Word by Andrea Ramirez, ADAA finalist 2012

1Love1Word by Andrea Ramirez, ADAA finalist 2012

1Love1Word by Kirsten Southwell, ADAA winner 2012

1Love1Word by Kirsten Southwell, ADAA winner 2012







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Adobe Design Achievement Awards 2003 Alumnus Willy Wong contributes to NYCxDESIGN plans for citywide events

Willy Wong, an ADAA winner from 2003 for his experimental identity series called The Weather Resort, has been making impact with plans for NYCxDESIGN’s celebration of design.

Willy Wong, Chief Creative Officer at NYC & Company and ADAA 2003 alumnus

Willy Wong, Chief Creative Officer at NYC & Company and ADAA 2003 alumnus

Adobe Design Achievement Awards 2003 alumnus, Willy Wong is now the Chief Creative Officer at NYC & Company, which is the City of New York’s official marketing, tourism and partnership organization.  Willy also serves on NYCxDESIGN, which is a collaboration among the City Council, Mayor’s Office, City agencies and a steering committee.  The steering committee is composed of some of the City’s most renowned design institutions, educators, entrepreneurs, curators, and designers. 


NYCxDESIGN organizes New York City’s inaugural citywide event to showcase and promote design in all disciplines. The citywide events will be held from Friday, May 10, through Tuesday, May 21, 2013 and will collectively celebrate New York City’s contributions to the evolution of design.  Events will be hosted at a multitude of venues across all five New York boroughs, including large conventions, galleries, design institutions, and public parks.  NYCxDESIGN will bring visibility, education, and inspiring dialogue to the forefront of the city’s experience, increasing cultural awareness and appreciation for design of all disciplines.content-01


Wong began contributing to NYCxDESIGN because of his passion to, “…support an incredibly valuable industry and thriving community, to expand the local economy and job base, and ultimately to help the City and the world function and look that much better. As the world’s stage, NYC is where design students, designers and those who love design from every corner of the globe all aspire to see, feel, build, share and shine. And it’s an ecosystem that thrives on cross pollination between disciplines.”


content-02 (1)Wong also added that in NYC, design permeates through all boroughs, “…from the sustainably manufactured office furniture that decorate the interiors of Manhattan’s skyscrapers, to the urban grid on which they sit; from the asymmetrical earrings that were 3D printed in Queen’s Long Island City, then featured in a mobile app, which was developed in the Flatiron district, using bespoke web fonts crafted in Brooklyn…”


Wong is also President of AIGA/NY, and has been dynamic in broadening community involvement and providing opportunities for educational mentorship during the NYCxDESIGN events.  Cultural centers, such as the Cooper-Hewitt Design Center in Harlem and The Museum of Arts and Design, will have sessions available for design enthusiasts of all ages, including children.  The Times Square Alliance will partner with AIGA/NY’s Mentoring Program, by hosting a culminating project created by students from the New York City High School of Art and Design. 

NYCxDESIGN planning for citywide events

NYCxDESIGN planning for citywide events


With the ADAA offering a more robust and ambitious mentorship program in 2013, we’re thrilled to share the NYCxDESIGN opportunities with ADAA alumni and extended community. 



To explore more about NYCxDESIGN go to:

Check out or follow @wwong

Zhongxuan Liu and Allati El Henson Participate in the Red Bull Collective Art Project

The Adobe Design Achievement Awards team was thrilled to hear that two ADAA 2012 honorees were recently selected as guest artists for a new and collaborative partnership between Adobe and Red Bull.

Adobe and Red Bull Collective Art #createnow

Adobe and Red Bull Collective Art

Together with Adobe, the Red Bull Collective Art project has created a very unique solution for one of the most age-old challenges of being an artist; creating work that transcends through cultures and time. Reaching this challenging goal may be sporadic or fleeting for most artists. From a single vantage point or perspective, it is remains difficult to include all of the rich inspirations our world has to offer into one immediate and succinct visual.


But what if things were different? What if we could be inspired by a multitude of vantage points, through the eyes of many artists from around the world – simultaneously. What if we used today’s technology and tools to create rich and dynamic images that transcend cultures, because they collectively come from artists living in all corners of the world.  What if artists were invited into a visual dialogue with fellow artists, inspiring a dynamic and generational single work?


Adobe and Red Bull explored how artists might be able to come together virtually, to create work that is collaborative, inclusive and collective

The first step was an invitation to emerging artists from 85 countries.  Artists would participate by layering their work, all created in succession, to eventually become a single collective piece. Each contributor would have four hours to add their artistry to the final piece. The final piece will be shown in art galleries throughout the world beginning in mid-May as a dynamic demonstration of collective creativity.

The following step was to ignite the creative process with the beginning images. Guest artists were invited to start the evolution, by creating the first few images for the single work of collective art.

Artist Zhongxuan Liu, in front of her work, "The Big Bang Clock" Photo by Jacklyn Atlas

Artist Zhongxuan Liu, in front of her work, “The Big Bang Clock”
Photo by Jacklyn Atlas



ADAA finalist Zhongxuan Liu, a student at Design School of Guangxi Arts Institute, submitted her work for consideration to be a Red Bull Collective guest artist because, she explained, “While I love working independently on projects, I feel that great designing can often stem from a collaborative experience between individuals. And from my experience, the more varied the designers’ backgrounds and life perspectives, the more exciting and fresh the ideas can become. I love the idea of being a part of a global collaborative project.”



At the same time, Allati El Henson, living in Oakland, California, seized the opportunity to share her work as a Red Bull Collective guest artist. “Designing on my own is one thing – and satisfies a big part of me, but when the art of collaboration is involved, is when design is at its most interesting point in time. The dance back and forth between two or more perspectives is what makes a piece ultimately compelling.”

Allati El Henson with Stefan Sagmeister at the ADAA gallery reception, Toronto.  Photo by Jacklyn Atlas

Allati El Henson with Stefan Sagmeister at the ADAA gallery reception, Toronto. Photo by Jacklyn Atlas

“Worldwide collaboration has never been more exciting and pivotal to the success of young designers and students.  The Creative Cloud provides them with the ability to share from anywhere at any time, marking a major milestone in technology’s contribution to empowering artistic synergy during the creative process,” explained Petar Karafezov, Senior Manager of Digital Marketing EMEA at Adobe. “We are inspired to share in the creative empowerment of students with Red Bull.”

The Adobe and Red Bull partnership is ambitious and exciting.  Over 10,000 artists have registered to participate thus far.  The majority of the artwork submitted in the Red Bull Collective Art project was created with Adobe tools.  To hear more from artists who have participated, read Michael Chaize’s blog, describing how he harnessed the Adobe Creative Cloud for his participation.


At the ADAA, we’re proud to share in Zhongxuan and Allati’s recent recognition on the global front.  Check out Zhongxuan and Allati’s work here – and be a part of something big.  We hope that more emerging artists take advantage of this inclusive opportunity, or begin their own inspiring and collective projects to share with the ADAA community.

Adobe Design Achievement Awards – Alumni Feature

Kirsten Southwell, ADAA 2012 Winner of Mobile Design category, shares her experience with us….


As designers, we’re always looking for ways to better our work, to evolve as artists and individuals. We grow up, mature, and our understanding of great design grows along with us.

Kirsten Southwell with ADAA 2012 trophy for Mobile Design category

Kirsten Southwell with ADAA 2012 trophy for Mobile Design category

Kirsten Southwell, North Carolina State University and ADAA 2012 winner of Mobile Design category, shared her perspective of the ADAA experience in Toronto. Her story demonstrates how sometimes, the little things become most memorable –  when our colleagues share in our achievement, when our friends share in our joy, and when our professors lift us up, are the times when we truly grow and connect to our community.


Since becoming an ADAA winner, I think I’ve gained a lot of perspective about my own abilities as a designer, as well as a greater appreciation for all of the wonderful support I have as an aspiring professional. I think that the place I have found the most support has been from the studio that I work for, Second Story Interactive Studios.  

For example, within an hour of winning the ADAA award, I was extremely touched to receive a phone call from David Waingarten, a Creative Director at Second Story. David temporarily derailed a meeting he was in, just to congratulate me and share the news with the rest of the studio.  It was a simple gesture, but it became obvious to me, that the individuals I work with enjoy sharing in my success in a way that is far more personal than by simply acknowledging it.

Kirsten hanging a Second Story logo in her studio as an image experiment

Kirsten hanging a Second Story logo in the studio as an image experiment

I was also surprised by how my alma mater, North Carolina State University, took such pride in my achievement. I received emails from all of the professors in the Graphic Design department!  Not only that, but someone thoughtfully took the time to create a large poster, announcing my achievement, then hung it up in the main breezeway of the College of Design.

A poster created to celebrate Kirsten's profile in the ADAA Gallery

A poster created to celebrate Kirsten’s achievement and profile in the ADAA Gallery





I feel my education is invaluable. I am thrilled that I have an opportunity to share the ADAA honor with the program—and specifically the faculty and TA’s—who gave so much of their time and effort to help shape the designer that I’ve become.

My friends have been really excited for me. I think it has been a little eye-opening for some of them to get a bigger understanding and context of the work that I do.  My friend, Chris, came all the way to Toronto to attend the DesignThinkers conference and share in the moment with me. He confided that after they called my name to come on stage, his heart didn’t stop racing for a few minutes later. I found that incredibly endearing that he literally experienced my anxiety – for me.

As far as what I have learned as an artist… I’ve learned the value of making an effort and taking a chance to claim recognition, and become distinguished for your work. I work at an award winning studio, and it’s great to contribute to projects collaboratively. However, receiving individual acknowledgement can only empower you, validate you, and heighten your sense of awareness for the designer that can become.

Kirsten exploring with GIF 2D and 3D, along with colleague, Pillipe Laurlheret, in the studio

Kirsten’s recent exploration, working with GIF 2D and 3D, along with colleague, Pillipe Laurlheret, in the studio

Recently, I’ve been exploring motion. Part of this is in thanks to the DSLR camera I bought with my ADAA Prize Money! It started with a desire to create high-quality GIFS as a storytelling method on the Second Story blog. This has kind of taken off into creating long stop motion animations in Photoshop and creating prototypes in Flash. Now I’m learning AfterEffects – I’m committed to exploring as a designer.





Since being distinguished by the ADAA, I was also honored as a winner in the Optimizing category of the IxDA Interaction Design Awards.   So just last month, I found myself back in Toronto to receive an award at the IxDA13 Conference.

Kirsten's ADAA trophy on display!

Kirsten’s ADAA trophy on display!



At the ADAA 2013, we too share in the joy and achievements of Kirsten and all alumni in the community.  As the ADAA embarks on our thirteenth year, we’re looking forward to recognizing more emerging artists and designers, pushing their pursuit of greatness in design. 

Congrats, Kirsten!  To view Kirsten’s honored work, visit the ADAA Gallery at