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Welcome to the ADC Blog

I’d like to welcome you to the ADC Blog, where the editors of the Adobe Developer Connection will be sharing news on the latest content and resources for developers using Adobe products.

As many of you know, every Monday, the Adobe Developer Connection (ADC) team launches new samples, articles, and tutorials on our website at A great way to make sure that you don’t miss an article is to subscribe to our ADC RSS feed. You can also subscribe to our Adobe Developer Connection Update e-mail to get a summary of everything that happens on the ADC. (Note that you’ll need to sign in to as you subscribe.)

The mission of this ADC blog is a little different, however. It’s not just a list of every article we publish. We (the ADC editors) are hoping to give you more behind-the-scenes information on what’s happening on the ADC. Some of the things we’ll be covering are:

— What’s most popular
— What’s cool about specific articles
— Events online and out in the community
— Other things we think you need to know about — announcements, news, launches, etc.

We know that many of the most exciting things going on in the world of websites, video, Flash and interactivity, RIAs, and mobile apps are happening outside of — in your communities. We’re hoping that you will also use this venue to share and comment on what you’re doing as well.