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Shantanu Narayen and Kevin Lynch speak at Engage 2008

Engage 2008 came and went (what, you didn’t get the invite? neither did anyone I know, including me) but you can see what happened early in the day by viewing this 50-min. video of Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen and CTO Kevin Lynch presenting in front of the audience of “key thought leaders and influencers.”


If you can’t get enough of Engage 2008, there’s aways Scoble’s shaky Qik videos to entertain you.

New Flex 3 content now available in the Flex Developer Center

With yesterday’s release of Flex 3, the Flex Developer Center is now having a bunch of new Flex 3 content. Apart from the videos that introduce some of the new Flex 3 features, you can read getting started tutorials and new articles about designing skins and styles with Creative Suite 3 and Flex Builder 3, ActionScript and .NET client-server class mappings, and how to read and write data to your Flex 3 app from ColdFusion. If you are looking for short and practical Flex 3 how-to tips, there are quite a few new cookbook posts that talk about integrating with PHP, JSP, and using the new and updated Flex 3 components. Enjoy and don’t forget to send me your feedback. Also, if you’re interested in writing a Flex 3 article for us, please let me know and I’ll work with you on it.

New content in the AIR Developer Center

Last night, on the occasion of the public release of the Adobe AIR runtime, we went live with new and updated content in the Adobe AIR Developer Center. Now that the AIR runtime is out of Labs, we hope to make the AIR Developer Center your destination for tips on building AIR apps, as well as a source of inspiration for what you can do with AIR–from fun to functional. For example, in Sudoku on AIR , Giorgio Natili demonstrates how easy it is to bring a browser-based Flash app to the desktop, and Nicolas Lierman, creator of the Analytics Reporting Suite for Google Analytics, shares how AIR helped him realize his idea of a cool, new app. You, too, can build on AIR. Let me know what you think, or what AIR-related topics you’re interested in.

Creating an icon in Fireworks

Vane Kosturanov and Vanco Stojkov pack a one-two punch as DryIcons: one is a developer, the other a designer (I’m sure their skills overlap). Together they wrote an amazing tutorial that shows you how to create a web icon — one of the basic ingredients of any good website.

Everyone I know who touched this article before posting on the Adobe Developer Connection told me how much fun it was to create the icon. Sarthak Singhal, a QE on the Fireworks engineering team, wrote, “I followed the article step by step and could not believe myself creating a beautiful folder icon. It is simply amazing.” Tommi West, the copyeditor, said, “I loved this article sooo much! I followed along with all of the steps, and I’m very pleased with the folder icon I made.”

Gee, who knows what you’ll think? Me, I’m pretty excited that I got to work with two excellent technical writers from Macedonia. There’s a first time for everything.

New video technology center launched

Sometimes what’s important is not a matter of posting new material on the Adobe Developer Connection but simply (simply?) reorganizing what’s already there, so that people can find what they’re looking for. Such is the case with our video-related articles, which for the most part have lived in the Flash Developer Center. That made sense when Flash MX Professional 2004 supported video better than ever.

These days, however, video isn’t always about the Flash authoring tool, so we moved that material out of /devnet/flash/ and into its own site: The Video Technology Center. Check it out!


The Video Technology Center puts the ever-popular Flash Video Learning Guide at the center. Major topic areas branch off from there.

If you work with video on the web — whether planning a video project, encoding FLVs, delivering video, using audio, or whatever — what resources do you need most? Are you getting what you need from or do you go elsewhere for helpful information about web video?

Grab the notes from Colin Moock’s AS3 tour

Since October 2007, Colin Moock has traveled to several cities around the world on Adobe’s dime to promote the wonderful world of ActionScript 3.0. Appearing in San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, and Tokyo so far, Colin has given a free, intensive day of AS3 training to hundreds of developers. He covers the fundamental skills developers need to program for Adobe Flash Player and Adobe AIR.

Now you can grab a PDF of the notes he hands out in person at these events.

Lee Brimelow posted a video of Colin’s appearance in San Francisco. Charlie Griefer from the Fusion Authority was also pretty impressed with Colin’s SF appearance too.

Anyway, the ActionScript 3.0 From the Ground Up Tour continues to other locations in Europe (Munich, Amsterdam, London) as well as Bangalore and Sydney. Sign up to attend in a city near you. As Charlie put it, “I don’t know ActionScript, and I don’t know Colin Moock, but I figured for the free admission, I’d risk it. Now that it’s all said and done, I’d say the session was easily worth twice the price.”

check out the latest Adobe Edge newsletter

Hi there – I manage the Edge newsletter, another product from the Adobe Developer Connection team. A couple days ago, we launched the February edition of the Edge and there’s lots of great content in there… For example, we published an article about Adobe Media Player (AMP) and how to structure RSS feeds to play within AMP. Zach Stepek contributed an excellent article about Blaze DS, another open source effort from Adobe. Brian Rinaldi penned an article in which he compares Flex and Ajax – very interesting. And of course, there’s the ever-so popular edge of Flash column that Rob Ford, of FWA fame, cranks out each issue. As usual, Rob’s column is the most

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What’s new about FMS 3

After we launched some new articles to support the recent release of Flash Media Server 3, I sat down with the product manager and asked him to talk plainly about what’s was so special about FMS 3. Kevin Towes obliged and now you can see the video on the home page of the FMS Developer Center.

Kevin Towes video


Cool FLV bitrate calculator

Robert Reinhardt, author of Adobe Flash CS3 Professional Video Studio Techniques, has created a cool online calculator that helps you determine the optimal bitrate for encoding FLV files that you either embed on a web page or stream with Flash Media Server. This application augments the FLV bitrate spreadsheet that accompanies his book on the enclosed DVD-ROM.

Whenever I look at traffic patterns in the Flash Video Developer Center, I see that video-related topics rank high in popularity. Robert’s FLV bitrate calculator should prove to be very useful as you encode your FLVs. It includes helpful presets to get you started. Even if you decide to deviate from the recommended values for “talking head” or “action trailer” movies, knowing at least where to begin will save you time down the road:

The “Grid Quality: Best” link in the Video section of the calculator is also worth checking out. It lists optimal frame dimensions for Flash video.