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Hi there – I manage the Edge newsletter, another product from the Adobe Developer Connection team. A couple days ago, we launched the February edition of the Edge and there’s lots of great content in there… For example, we published an article about Adobe Media Player (AMP) and how to structure RSS feeds to play within AMP. Zach Stepek contributed an excellent article about Blaze DS, another open source effort from Adobe. Brian Rinaldi penned an article in which he compares Flex and Ajax – very interesting. And of course, there’s the ever-so popular edge of Flash column that Rob Ford, of FWA fame, cranks out each issue. As usual, Rob’s column is the most

trafficked article for the February edition. However, for the December issue, no article came even close to the Edge featured video about Thermo – the traffic to that video just shot through the roof and my feedback folder was out of control (in a good way). Lots of people wrote in wanting to know “when is Thermo going to be available?” and “How can I get on the beta?” Makes me think I should include a feedback forum as part of the Edge newsletter…Back to business… It’s always interesting to see which articles get the most traffic… So far, for the February edition, the most popular articles are… drumroll, please… In the #1 spot, we have Edge of Flash (no surprise there)… In the #2 spot, we have “Quick tips for integrating Adobe Creative Suite 3 products” by Rafiq Elmansy. And in the third (but not far behind #2), we have the article about Adobe Media Player. Speaking of Adobe Media Player – have you downloaded the beta from Adobe Labs? It’s pretty awesome. I downloaded it and was so impressed with how easy it was to find shows of interest, to watch music videos, and to add and view my personal videos (of my bulldogs Laverne and Daisy) .Finally, I just want to say thanks to three user group managers (Zach, Brian, and Rafiq) who contributed articles to this edition of the Edge… These guys rock. Always offering to help out… Speaking of user groups and helping out, did you see the Edge featured video about how Ali Daniali put together the Charity Code Jam? If not, you should check it out and start thinking of ways that you can contiribute to your community – and then tell me what you plan to do… Why? because it’s really important to focus on the community – the developer community and the local community… We want to share these stories with others – to move it forward… And on that note, it’s time for me to move forward with the weekend. Have a good one…

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