Cool FLV bitrate calculator

Robert Reinhardt, author of Adobe Flash CS3 Professional Video Studio Techniques, has created a cool online calculator that helps you determine the optimal bitrate for encoding FLV files that you either embed on a web page or stream with Flash Media Server. This application augments the FLV bitrate spreadsheet that accompanies his book on the enclosed DVD-ROM.

Whenever I look at traffic patterns in the Flash Video Developer Center, I see that video-related topics rank high in popularity. Robert’s FLV bitrate calculator should prove to be very useful as you encode your FLVs. It includes helpful presets to get you started. Even if you decide to deviate from the recommended values for “talking head” or “action trailer” movies, knowing at least where to begin will save you time down the road:

The “Grid Quality: Best” link in the Video section of the calculator is also worth checking out. It lists optimal frame dimensions for Flash video.

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