Grab the notes from Colin Moock’s AS3 tour

Since October 2007, Colin Moock has traveled to several cities around the world on Adobe’s dime to promote the wonderful world of ActionScript 3.0. Appearing in San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, and Tokyo so far, Colin has given a free, intensive day of AS3 training to hundreds of developers. He covers the fundamental skills developers need to program for Adobe Flash Player and Adobe AIR.

Now you can grab a PDF of the notes he hands out in person at these events.

Lee Brimelow posted a video of Colin’s appearance in San Francisco. Charlie Griefer from the Fusion Authority was also pretty impressed with Colin’s SF appearance too.

Anyway, the ActionScript 3.0 From the Ground Up Tour continues to other locations in Europe (Munich, Amsterdam, London) as well as Bangalore and Sydney. Sign up to attend in a city near you. As Charlie put it, “I don’t know ActionScript, and I don’t know Colin Moock, but I figured for the free admission, I’d risk it. Now that it’s all said and done, I’d say the session was easily worth twice the price.”

One Response to Grab the notes from Colin Moock’s AS3 tour

  1. Angel Romero says:

    I recently attended Colin Moock’s AS3 tour as he stopped in Chicago. I have to say I was impressed with the presentation and I obviously couldn’t argue about the price. I was hesitant of converting over to AS3, but after Colin’s presentation; I couldn’t wait to get started. These notes given are a direct resemblance of what the presentation was about.