New Flex 3 content now available in the Flex Developer Center

With yesterday’s release of Flex 3, the Flex Developer Center is now having a bunch of new Flex 3 content. Apart from the videos that introduce some of the new Flex 3 features, you can read getting started tutorials and new articles about designing skins and styles with Creative Suite 3 and Flex Builder 3, ActionScript and .NET client-server class mappings, and how to read and write data to your Flex 3 app from ColdFusion. If you are looking for short and practical Flex 3 how-to tips, there are quite a few new cookbook posts that talk about integrating with PHP, JSP, and using the new and updated Flex 3 components. Enjoy and don’t forget to send me your feedback. Also, if you’re interested in writing a Flex 3 article for us, please let me know and I’ll work with you on it.

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