Flash video template: Spokesperson presentation with synchronized graphics

The Flash video templates have remained popular downloads in the Flash Developer Center. This “spokesperson presentation with synchronized graphics” template features video, labeled content keyframes that synchronize text and graphics to the video, and navigation buttons along the bottom. While the video plays, the keyframes appear at preset times and the navigation buttons highlight the relevant topic. When the user clicks one of the buttons, the video and content update themselves to that topic automatically.


Regulars of the Flash Developer Center will recognize this template from way back when it was first released with Macromedia Flash MX Professional 2004. (Note that the presentation example talks about “Macromedia On-Demand” — hey, anything to keep fans of Mike Downey happy.) Anyway, Dan Carr updated it a couple of years ago for Flash Professional 8 and now it’s all ready for Flash CS3 — and ActionScript 3.0. Enjoy!

4 Responses to Flash video template: Spokesperson presentation with synchronized graphics

  1. narendra says:

    Sir,I am interested in knowing more about including a video spokesperson to my web site. I would be greatful to you if you can tel me more about it and what kind of software, hardware and expertise I need to do it. Would it take a huge amount of time if I learnt the programming, or do you want me to hire a programmer. Please let me knowthank younarendra

  2. Stefan Gruenwedel says:

    Hi, Narendra. I worked with the author, Dan Carr, to get this article on the Adobe Developer Connection website. This article is geared towards beginning Flash users. While programming experience is not necessary to understand the article, you may find it beneficial to review the Flash Video Learning Guide, as well as the Video Technology Center, which highlights the basics of getting video on the web — and has links to Adobe products that can help you do it. (For example, Vlog It! is very simple to use, but it doesn’t allow for the kind of customization made possible by the Flash authoring tool.)Hiring a programmer might be an option if learning the technology will take you too long yourself. But if you have the time, it’s worth learning how to do it yourself — so that at least you’ll understand what you’re paying a programmer to do for you.If you have never used Flash before, however, you may wish to hire a programmer in order to do what this article describes.Good luck!

  3. Ralph Score says:

    I’m trying to make an .swf that works similar but more like a youtube channel (main menu page that launches the individual movie swf’s for a conference video but instead of linking a button to the frame label. I need something with a cuePoint listener and handler and I’m trying to find a template or something that already has that code (I’m totally new to code). each one is a lecture video (talking head FLV w/named, nav cues) with Powerpoint slides that both need to be toggled back and forth for viewers to be able to review a part of the talk or move forward in the talk with the controls on the FLV skin.Can you please help me?

  4. Stefan Gruenwedel says:

    Ralph,You may want to check out the other video templates in the Flash Developer Center. The one called “dynamic video playlist” could be what you’re looking for.