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Top 10 mistakes when building Flex apps

After his first Flex Top 10 article, James has posted his second article. This time, he talks about the top 10 mistakes when building Flex applications. What mistakes made the shortlist? Find out and use the list as your checklist when you build your own Flex apps to avoid the common pitfalls. Meanwhile, if you have a suggested topic for this Flex Top Ten series, feel free to drop us an e-mail.

New search/commenting for Adobe Flex Developer Center

Yesterday, we launched a couple of exciting new enhancements on the Adobe Developer Connection, specifically in the Flex Developer Center.

A new community-powered search is the first enhancement. The community powered search is designed to help people find the best answer to their question, no matter where the answer may reside. If the best answer is on someone’s blog in the community, that’s the answer we want to help people find. This will not replace the existing search on, but will be available as a new beta search. There is a team of Flex advisors who are adding URLs/domains to this search on an ongoing basis.

We have also added the ability for users to add comments to Flex Developer Center content. As most of you know, we’ve had commenting on Adobe Livedocs for a while. This is the next generation of commenting, in that the commenting functionality across these two different places is integrated. The intent of commenting is to gather feedback and deliver the best possible content; by integrating the commenting, and who reviews and acts on those comments we can strive to be as consistent as possible across content on Again, there is a team of Flex advisors moderating comments, and Hong Qiu and I will be moderating the Flex Developer Center comments. Note that all posted comments go live immediately, however, where there is inappropriate content, the moderators will scrub as needed. The coolest part is that authors can monitor comments on their articles by subscribing to the RSS feed (see link below) for Flex Developer Center.

You can see both of these enhancements on the Flex Developer Center: To find the new features:
• Flex community-powered search: Look in the right-nav in the Flex DC, and you will see the “Search Community-Powered Help” form field.
• Commenting: Browse to any article in the Flex Developer Center, and you will see the option to add your comment.
• Subscribe to the RSS feed for comments for the Flex Developer Center and see all comments, anytime:

We encourage you to try these new enhancements and send any feedback. The search results page that gets returned will have a link to a feedback survey at the top right of the page.

Happy searching and commenting!

Amy Wong
Developer Relations
Manager, Content community and applications

Adobe Flash Player 9 security white paper released

It’s hard to believe that Flash Player 9 was released nearly two years ago. Along with it came a white paper that focused on the security-relevant features of the Flash Player client runtime, including those introduced in earlier versions of the product. Today the Flash Player team updated it for the security model implemented in Flash Player 9 April 2008 Security Update (version 9,0,124,0). This updated white paper includes a revised “website controls” section that addresses the recent changes to policy files and header sending permissions.

Dynamic stream switching

Dynamic bit rate switching is a pretty important concept to get right when your business hinges on delivering high-quality video to paying customers.


David Hassoun (plus his team at RealEyes Media) provides an overview of the concepts involved in dynamic stream switching of Flash video using Flash Media Server 3. Use this technique to take into account varying network conditions that your users may encounter while viewing streaming content.

Popeye for President

Lisa Larson-Kelley has updated her very popular Flash video template of a dynamic video playlist that allows both streaming and progressive delivery of your video to a customizable player.

Why Popeye? Find out why. (Go Spinach Party, go!)

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New Adobe Media Player Developer Center

Adobe Media Player (“don’t call it AMP!”) was unleashed a couple days ago and — to support the product’s debut — we launched a developer center to facilitate the “behind the scenes” coding you can do with Adobe Media Player. It’s not exactly a developer tool, but Adobe Media Player runs on RSS feeds that you can play with. (Hey, it’s also an Adobe AIR application — that’s pretty cool.)


Check out the new Adobe Media Player Developer Center to learn about the new desktop media player and understand how it consumes Media RSS feeds. You can also download the Content Developer Kit. It’s a big PDF file now but we will be producing excerpts on the website over the coming days.

Flash Player 9 April 2008 Security Update

Adobe released a security update for Flash Player 9 (Flash Player 9,0,124,0) on April 8, 2008, to strengthen the security of Adobe Flash Player. If you work with SWF content, you are strongly advised to review the article, Understanding Flash Player 9 April 2008 Security Update compatibility, to determine if your SWF content will be impacted — and to begin implementing necessary changes immediately to help ensure a seamless transition.

Please comment (nicely 😉 if there are any issues unaddressed in this article and I’ll forward it to the Flash Player team so they can follow up and update this article.