Get a load of new Fireworks CS4 material

Adobe Creative Suite 4 shipped today, and along with it the Adobe Developer Connection posted a lot of new and updated content to help people understand what’s in CS4, how it works, and why it’s important to know about.

Check out the Fireworks Developer Center to see what’s new about this “ultimate tool for creating and manipulating graphics for the web,” as product manager Rick Jones puts it. Here he shows off PDF export, Fireworks type handling, and CSS export:

Included among our new Fireworks offering are:

Also be sure to watch our detailed videos of David Hogue, director of information design and usability at Fluid, showing you how Fireworks plays an indispensable role in the information and interaction design process. It’s all in the Fireworks Developer Center.

One Response to Get a load of new Fireworks CS4 material

  1. Sam says:

    My god,why new suite comes so quick, I’m still using MX