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(Video) MAX Awards 2008: Scrapblog

Sr. Media Producer Julie Campagna interviewed Omar Ramos of Scrapblog, which won the MAX Award for Best Rich Internet application, as well as the People’s Choice Award.

(Video) MAX Awards 2008: NASDAQ Market Replay

Sr. Media Producer Julie Campagna interviewed Claude Courbois of NASDAQ OMX about NASDAQ Market Replay, which won the MAX Award for Best Enterprise Application.

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(Video) MAX Awards 2008: The Happiness Factory – AKQA

Adobe interviewed Kaare Wessnaes of AKQA about the Happiness Factory, which won the MAX Award for Best Advertising and Branding Category. Check it out.

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(Video) Question of the day: What was your geek-out moment on Day 2?

It’s Day 2, and our roving reporter continues to capture thoughts on all-things-geek at Adobe MAX in San Francisco. As you’ll see, they have lots to say.

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(Video) MAX 2008: Day 2 in San Francisco

From Adobe Flash Catalyst to Adobe CS4, see highlights from Day 2 of the Adobe MAX General Session, along with copious comments from the crowd.

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(Video) Question of the day: What was your geek-out moment on Day 1?

Interviewing MAX attendees on Day 1, our roving reporter captured thoughts on all-things-geek at Adobe MAX 2008 in San Francisco.

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(Video) MAX 2008: Adobe kicks off Day 1 in San Francisco

From CoCoMo to Mobile, see highlights from the General Session, along with the crowd’s reactions to announcements and demonstrations.

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MAX 2008 day one general session

Adobe MAX 2008 kicked off today with the day one general session here in San Francisco. Adobe CEO, Shantanu Narayan, began with an introduction to the Flash Platform, Flash Catalyst (formerly Thermo), and project (Red) Wire, a music service built on top of Adobe AIR. Adobe CTO, Kevin Lynch, then explained how Adobe is focusing on three trends: client and cloud computing, social computing, and devices and desktops.

To showcase some of Adobe’s initiatives around the Flash Player 10 and Adobe AIR clients, Kevin invited representatives from Disney and the New York Times to show what they have been doing with Adobe products. Adobe Chief Marketing Officer, Ann Lewnes, then invited Maria Shriver on stage to talk about her work on the California Legacy Trails.

To demonstrate what Adobe is doing to support the cloud trend, Kevin then demo’d the Tour de Flex component explorer and invited’s platform SVP on stage to talk about how Salesforce is leveraging Adobe Flex to allow developers to create more inspiring front ends for enterprise CRM.

As part of Adobe’s social computing efforts, Nigel Pegg came on stage and demo’d the Acesis physician performance evaluation app, built using Adobe’s Cocomo service and components for Flex. Kevin then talked about Adobe Wave, a service that allows people to subscribe to a variety of notifications.

In support of devices and desktops trend, Kevin talked about the Open Screen Project and demo’d Flash Player 10 running on Nokia, Windows Mobile, and Android devices. Kevin then reviewed Adobe’s distributable player solution, which allows developers to directly distribute rich apps with the latest Flash Lite version.

For specific MAX sessions and information on each of the points covered in today’s general session, visit,

New AIR 1.5 content in the AIR Developer Center

Just in time for MAX 2008, Adobe released the new version of Adobe AIR 1.5, and the AIR Developer Center has a bunch of new content to help you learn about and experience the notable new features in this release, including Pixel Bender effects, 3D transformations, and encrypted local database.

Be sure to check out the new and updated sample applications, including BlackBookSafe (developed by Adobe’s AIR team), Salesbuilder (Christophe Coenraets), Apprise (Christian Cantrell), and 3D Image Browsr (Grant Skinner).

We also added 17 new Quick Start articles for HTML/Ajax, Flex, and Flash developers–to help you jump start your AIR projects.

Finally, O’Reilly released today the Adobe AIR 1.5 Cookbook: more than 100 recipes for building cool AIR apps, and we have a sample chapter for you to check out. Enjoy… and be sure to add your own recipes to the online version of the AIR cookbook.