New content available in the Adobe Developer Connection

Lots of new goodness in the Adobe Developer Connection:

Tips for building AIR applications that can be easily updated: Note the potential pitfalls when building and deploying AIR application updates.

Using Flex Ant Tasks to build Flex projects – Part I: Creating a build script for Flex: Set up, create, and execute a basic Ant build script using the Adobe Flex Ant tasks.

Understanding Flex itemEditors – Part 2: Editing events and complex editors: Use events to make more complex itemEditors that do some simple data validation.

Flex cookbook spotlight: faqcontrib: Meet some of the regular contributors to the Flex Cookbook.

Search Engine Optimization Technology Center: The newly launched SEO Technology Center helps explain what the challenges are and provides practical steps, examples, and best practices that you can follow to overcome them.

Search optimization checklist for RIAs: Integrate search into the planning stages and production cycles you will encounter when developing RIAs.

Adobe Flash Player version checking protocol: Learn what to watch out for and what techniques to utilize to ensure that search engine spiders can enter your website’s front door.

Search optimization techniques for RIAs: Understand the challenges and adopt techniques to improve the relevance of your SWF content in search engine results.

Encoding options for H.264 video: Learn about H.264 video and encoding it for Flash Player delivery using Adobe Media Encoder or Flash Media Encoding Server.

Using timeline labels to dispatch events with the ActionScript 3.0 TimelineWatcher class: Use the TimelineWatcher class to programmatically monitor the timeline while keeping it separate from your application logic.

Foundation Fireworks CS4 excerpts: Visual effects and extending Fireworks: Create popular visual effects and understand the SWF panel development process to get the most out of Fireworks CS4.

ADC Write & Give Program: Learn how we acknowledge the writing efforts of our community authors by donating money to charities for each article they publish on the ADC.

Adobe Reader compatibility documentation: These documents provide guidance and important information regarding changes in Adobe Reader 9 that may affect enterprise workflows.

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