New content available in the Adobe Developer Connection

Weekly rundown of all the new content in the Adobe Developer Connection is below.

Understanding Flex itemEditors – Part 2: Editing events and complex editors
: Learn how to use events to make more complex itemEditors that do some simple data validation and that can prevent certain cells from being edited.

Understanding Flex itemEditors – Part 3: Using itemRenderers as itemEditors: learn about using one class to display and edit the data by employing itemRenderers as itemEditors.

Using Flash CS4 and Adobe AIR to build custom browsers for e-learning and social networking: Explore the Flash CS4 and AIR components workflow.

Enabling multiple user access to the ColdFusion Administrator and RDS: Understand the new multiple user feature and learn how to configure it.

From table-based to tableless web design with CSS – Part 2: CSS starter pages: Use Dreamweaver CSS starter pages to jumpstart your designs.

Creating merged help with RoboHelp 8: Learn the reasons for merging any type of online help and get an overview of the merged help process.

We are also promoting the updated Tour de Flex version 1.2:
*Web version
*AIR version

The Adobe Developer Connection has also just launched a new Facebook Developer Center with loads of new content:

*Flex Learning Path for for Facebook developers

*Video: Build your first Facebook application (12:08)

*Article: Understand the architecture of Facebook applications

*Article: Compare iFrame and FBML Facebook applications

*Article: Get your head around Flash on Facebook

*Facebook examples

*Facebook samples

*Quick start: Build your first Facebook application with Flex

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