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New content available in the Adobe Developer Connection

Lots new in the Adobe Developer Connection this week, with a ton of new AS2 to AS3 migration content in the ActionScript Technology Center:

Creating desktop applications for the cloud with Adobe Flex, AIR, and Amazon S3: Employ the Amazon Simple Storage Service in place of a multi-tiered server infrastructure.

Externalizing service configuration for BlazeDS and LiveCycle Data Services ES: Configure your services at runtime to simplify deployment.

Migrating to ActionScript 3: Whether you use Adobe Flash CS4 Professional or Flash CS3 Professional, this resource will help you get started with ActionScript 3.

ActionScript 3 migration cookbook beta: Browse through the entries in the ActionScript 3 migration cookbook beta to see how the semantics of the core language are not much different from ActionScript 2 and should not present much of a learning curve. Or download the PDF.

Top five misconceptions about ActionScript 3
: Read about the incorrect beliefs some people have about ActionScript 3.

Top five benefits of ActionScript 3: Find out what some of the top advantages are of using ActionScript 3 in your projects.

New content available in the Adobe Developer Connection

Several new articles now available in the Adobe Developer Connection:

H.264 for the rest of us: Understand F4V-specific settings in Adobe Media Encoder and Flash Media Encoding Server to achieve optimal bit rates for H.264 video.

Test Driven Development with ColdFusion ― Part 1: Driven by the cold: Use MXUnit to build unit tests for ColdFusion.

Flex 3 in Action excerpt: Introduction to pop-ups: Learn how to create, position, communicate with, and close pop-up windows.

Using pages, states, and layers in Fireworks CS4: Learn best practices to structure your Fireworks document, organize objects, and reuse common elements.

Seamlessly storing and managing documents protected with LiveCycle ES: Make interaction seamless through the use of spaces and smart policies.

New content available in the Adobe Developer Connection

Here’s a rundown of the latest content that has been posted to the Adobe Developer Connection:

Using the Salesbuilder Adobe AIR sample application: This sample app lets you make and receive phone calls and includes an org chart and an offline calendar.

Sharing data with Adobe Flash Collaboration Service beta – Part 1: Custom messaging: Learn how to send custom messages back and forth between Flex apps.

Flex cookbook: Creating a dynamically resizing TextArea without scrollbars: Learn how to create a dynamically resizing TextArea without scrollbars.

Updated Flex 3 Restaurant Finder: Use REST and SOAP web services to update data in a master-detail type application.

Rapid interactive prototyping with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript using Fireworks and Dreamweaver CS4: Use Fireworks and Dreamweaver to create working models that replicate product functionality.

Foundation Form Creation excerpt: Performing advanced form scripting: Add calculations and scripts to your form by applying either JavaScript or FormCalc to your objects.

Adobe Acrobat 9 digital signatures, changes, and improvements (PDF, 290K)

PDF/A-1 in Acrobat 9 and LiveCycle ES (PDF, 90K) (Updated in April 2009)

Developer spotlight: Justin Putney: Meet Justin Putney, picked for his use of Flash and ActionScript, and for releasing free extensions to the Flash community.