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New content available in the Adobe Developer Connection

Lots new in the Adobe Developer Connection this week. Be sure to check it out.

Flex 3 in Action book excerpt: Advanced reusability in Flex: Understand some of the advanced reusability features in Flex in this Flex 3 in Action book excerpt.

Flash Quick Start: Loading images and Library assets in Flash with ActionScript 3: Learn strategies to dynamically load images and assets from your Library, as well as from local and remote locations.

Understanding live DVR – Part 2: Using DVRCast with Flash Media Live Encoder 3: Build a sample live DVR video player that utilizes the updated FLVPlayback 2.5 component.

Invoking the LiveCycle ES Distiller API from Java: Learn how to invoke a LiveCycle ES SOAP endpoint to convert a PostScript file into a PDF file.

LiveCycle ES Update 1 – FormGuides: Get a set of best practices to plan, develop, customize, and maintain data capture experiences with form guides.

Graphic Effects Learning Guide for Flash CS4 Professional: Control the expressiveness of creative graphic effects in Flash to enhance the look and feel of your projects.

Design Learning Guide for Fireworks CS4: Explore the many ways to work with graphic images in the latest version of Fireworks.

New content available in the Adobe Developer Connection

Check out the content recently made available in the Adobe Developer Connection:

Uploading a file with Flex and Java: Implement file upload functionality with a Flex front end and a Java servlet.

Protecting Flash Lite content packaged in a Symbian installer with OMA DRM 1.0 Forward Lock: Learn how to package your mobile content into a SIS installer and apply digital rights management with OMA DRM 1.0 Forward Lock.

Using Dreamweaver, InContext Editing, and Spry to build a dynamic site: Build a simple dynamic site that users can edit online without HTML or Ajax knowledge.

Invoking the LiveCycle ES 8.2.1 Distiller API from Java: Convert a PostScript file to a PDF file from Java using LiveCycle ES.

ADC developer survey: Please help the ADC by taking a moment to provide some valuable feedback.

New content available in the Adobe Developer Connection

Some great new articles just posted to the Adobe Developer Connection:

AdvancED Flex 3 excerpt: Sculpting interactive business intelligence interfaces: Represent, aggregate, and manipulate data effectively for BI scenarios.

Adobe AIR in Action excerpt: Copy and paste, drag and drop: Copy-and-paste and drag-and-drop operations are a standardized way for users to interact with an application, so it’s a good idea to build these behaviors into AIR applications.

Adobe AIR 1.5 Training: Building desktop applications with Flex 3: This course introduces you to building Flex applications on Adobe AIR. This course is divided into modules, most of which contain demonstrations and walkthroughs.

The Essential Guide to Flash CS4 AIR Development excerpt: Building your first AIR application: This chapter appears in The Essential Guide to Flash CS4 AIR Development, published December 2008. It is being reproduced here by permission from Friends of Ed.

Prototyping AIR applications with Fireworks: Leverage the features in Fireworks CS4 to create an interactive prototype of an AIR application.

Adobe LiveCycle ES Java service invocation: Learn how to remotely invoke services using the APIs and SOAP endpoints.

Understanding ActionScript 3 debugging in Flash
: Whether you’re a designer or developer, learn the basics of debugging and understand the most common issues that occur in debugging ActionScript 3 projects in Flash CS4 Professional.

Building a Drupal site in 10 steps (Dreamweaver)
: Learn to set up a Drupal site, including adding content and altering menus, modules, and themes.

Understanding video formats and controlling video volume in Flash Lite 3.x: Learn how to control the volume of embedded video in a Flash Lite 3.x mobile application.

In the Developer spotlight: Elad Elrom: Meet Elad Elrom, picked for his use of Flex and Flash Catalyst to create applications for the web, desktop, and mobile devices.

New content available in the Adobe Developer Connection

Check out what’s new this week in the Adobe Developer Connection.

Deploying your first Flex application on Facebook: This tutorial will step you through the process of deploying a Flex application in an iFrame on the Facebook website in 15 minutes.

Building a kiosk using Flex: This article covers some basic kiosk concepts, such as working with both user-driven and timed events, as well as describes the general architecture of a kiosk application, and build a simple kiosk application to help explain the concepts.

Design and prototype Flex applications using Fireworks: This article explores the designer-developer hand off process and shows how Fireworks is uniquely qualified to make the process of product development more efficient.

Flash Player enterprise deployment: Deliver secure, high-performance apps that run consistently across operating systems and browsers, in alignment with IT policies.

Building a list component in Flash Lite: Learn how to build a simple but useful List component for Flash Lite applications. The article also includes the sample files for the completed custom List component and the sample project can be extended and updated to tailor any part of it to fit the needs of your Flash Lite mobile application.

Software as a Service: A pattern for modern computing: Understand the core pattern of SaaS in pragmatic terms and its strategic advantages.

Test Driven Development with ColdFusion – Part 2: Design components for easy testability: Create unit tests for ColdFusion using the MXUnit built-in mock capabilities.

Animation Learning Guide for Flash: Dive into this comprehensive resource for learning animation, including the new, improved way of creating and editing motion tweens. See below for 12 individual tutorials:
oFrame rates
oTimelines and keyframes
oFrame-by-frame animation
oMotion tweens
oMotion tween manipulations
oMotion paths
oMotion Editor
oPreset and custom eases
oMotion presets
oUsing ActionScript 3
oShape tweens