New content available in the Adobe Developer Connection

Check out the content recently made available in the Adobe Developer Connection:

Uploading a file with Flex and Java: Implement file upload functionality with a Flex front end and a Java servlet.

Protecting Flash Lite content packaged in a Symbian installer with OMA DRM 1.0 Forward Lock: Learn how to package your mobile content into a SIS installer and apply digital rights management with OMA DRM 1.0 Forward Lock.

Using Dreamweaver, InContext Editing, and Spry to build a dynamic site: Build a simple dynamic site that users can edit online without HTML or Ajax knowledge.

Invoking the LiveCycle ES 8.2.1 Distiller API from Java: Convert a PostScript file to a PDF file from Java using LiveCycle ES.

ADC developer survey: Please help the ADC by taking a moment to provide some valuable feedback.

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