New content available in the Adobe Developer Connection

New content just launched on the Adobe Developer Connection:

Effects in Adobe Flex 4 SDK beta – Part 2: Advanced graphical effects: In Part 2 of this series, learn how to take your Flex applications to the next level with the new effects included in the Flex 4 beta.

Building data-driven map applications using the Flex DataMap control: Discover the capabilities of the DataMap control and see the process of building a simple yet powerful application in a few lines of code

Video Learning Guide for Flash CS4 Professional (Updated for Flash CS4): Learn all you need to know about video on the web: capturing, encoding, adding video to web pages, delivering with custom playback controls.

Performance tuning for ColdFusion applications: Explore different ways to improve ColdFusion application performance.

Using Drupal themes with Dreamweaver CS4: Understand the fundamentals of a Drupal theme and how Dreamweaver CS4 helps designers produce these themes.

Adobe Reader compatibility documentation: These documents provide guidance and important information regarding changes in Adobe Reader 9 that may affect enterprise workflows.

>>The Adobe Reader compatibility promise (PDF)

>>Adobe Reader 9.0 compatibility overview (PDF – updated for Reader 9.1)

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