New content available in the Adobe Developer Connection

Lots of new content now up in the Adobe Developer Connection:

Using Flex Ant tasks to build Flex projects – Part 2: Adding build tasks: Extend Flex Ant build scripts with additional tasks.

Tour de Flex planetary dashboard: See who is using Tour de Flex right now across the world.

Creating your first website – Part 1: Setting up your site and project files: Learn to set up a local site in Dreamweaver CS4, then create a page layout in CSS.

Creating your first website – Part 2: Creating the page layout: This tutorial explains how to create a CSS-based page layout in Adobe Dreamweaver CS4.

Mastering CSS with Dreamweaver CS4 excerpt: Using the liquid CSS layouts: Authors Stephanie Sullivan and Greg Rewis demonstrate the time-saving tips and techniques that make Dreamweaver and CSS such a powerful combination.

Getting started with the ActionScript 3 FLVPlayback component : Learn how to use the FLVPlayback component to play progressively downloaded Adobe Flash Video files over HTTP or play streaming video files from Adobe’s Flash Media Server or from Flash Video Streaming Service (FVSS).

Skinning the ActionScript 3 FLVPlayback component (updated): This updated article covers three approaches available for skinning the ActionScript 3 FLVPlayback component.

Working with the Project panel in Flash: Take advantage of the project management tools available in Flash CS4 Professional when building applications.

Real-Time Messaging Protocol specification: Read about the open RTMP spec, which delivers video, audio, and data in various formats compatible with Adobe Flash Player. Also, check out this blog post for additional information.

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